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Your generosity helped our workers stay on the field during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you! Without your gifts, Alliance teams would have been unable to share Christ’s compassion with the poor, hurting, and marginalized in their communities.

Broadcasting the Bible

Because of your generosity, we were able to relaunch our radio station. Since churches still can’t meet regularly, this has been a source of spiritual encouragement. We broadcast in six languages—many listeners have contacted us to thank us for enabling them to hear Bible stories in their own language for the first time.

These stories have had a significant impact on many in our region. For example, Anna*, a widowed mother of three, took in her cousin, Rose, who was dying of AIDS. As she nursed Rose, Anna and her daughters shared Bible stories with her, and she surrendered to Christ before she died. When asked by the family why Rose was so changed, Anna presented the gospel to them. We are praying this will bear long-term fruit.

*Names changed
—Bev Bellamy, serving in the Republic of the Congo

Carloads of Supplies

Our church members and their friends delivered several carloads of food, clothes, blankets, and more to help numerous families in a lower income part of the city and provided baby supplies to our city’s foster care system. We also continued teaching a two-year leadership class via Zoom to eight students in our church plant in northern Uruguay.

Starting the first week of quarantine, this church plant also began serving bread and hot chocolate to our neighbors while teaching a Bible lesson. About 35 people stopped by weekly. Six to eight people have started attending church as a result of this simple act of love.

—Peter Marshall, serving in Uruguay

Alliance workers in the Philippines cared for the urban poor in their communities.

Caring for Migrant Workers

About 150 migrant workers from Cambodia and Myanmar live in a camp on the street where our mission office is. On two occasions, we were able to provide bags of food to all of them, which included rice, cans of fish, face masks, and packets of noodles. We also noticed the children living in the camp were playing with discarded objects from the trash. We bought them milk and toys, like balls, toy trucks, and dolls. One little girl kept exclaiming about how beautiful her doll was.

—Janice Quinlan, serving in Thailand

English Classes and C. S. Lewis

In our country, the COVID-19 lockdown and accompanying economic crisis left refugees without jobs or even food. Our team immediately responded with 600 relief packages to care for those most in need. Within weeks, we started a home-based development project for at-risk women to earn money making reusable masks for hundreds in our community.

At the same time, much of our ministry moved online as we offered English classes to almost 100 students over YouTube and Zoom. Even Bible studies and discipleship continued through online video call platforms as our team shepherded believers from the majority religion and creatively used C. S. Lewis’s “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” to share the gospel with 15 English students. Thank you for your hard work to keep us here.

—an Alliance worker serving in the Middle East

Sheltering in Our Place

At the start of the pandemic, people started moving into our home. At one point, we had nine people living with us. Everyone was sheltering in OUR place! It was a tremendous opportunity to show the love of Jesus.

For example, a family we knew from the ethnic minority village we used to live in contacted us. The wife was so sick the hospital would not take her any longer, and she was waiting to die. We took them in and got her medical treatment for diabetes and many other things. While they stayed with us, they joined in to hear Bible stories every night, and we were able to tell them the whole gospel story before they left. We did not ask them to voice their opinion as it is a huge decision for them, but they heard clearly and offered us their home so we could return to the village and teach their neighbors these stories.

—Jeff and Heather Williams, serving in Cambodia

10,000 Face Masks

Alliance workers helped a Christian-owned tailor shop in West Africa make thousands of face masks to care for their communities during the pandemic.

The team in a West African country was able to employ around 20 people, including 8 deaf employees, to make more than 10,000 face masks, which were distributed to 250 Bible school professors, students, spouses, and their children; 500 widows; more than 500 prisoners and minors; 1,000 patients at the local hospital; and 40 churches, with each receiving 200 face masks and 6 bottles of hand sanitizer. We also did food distributions for the Bible school students, widows, prisoners, and hospital patients.

We are so grateful for our generous partners who enable us to be a blessing!

—an Alliance worker serving in West Africa

A Joy to Empower

The marginalized populations we serve have been vulnerable during this crisis as many lost jobs. Though we were strictly quarantined, some of our national partners could legally deliver tangible help. It was a joy to empower them for ministry during this time.

Our teams provided food to about 300 people; distributed masks to 725; supplied medicines to an orphanage that houses 240 kids; helped 6 families with rent relief; provided medical assistance to 8 people; and donated cleaning supplies, gloves, and other sanitary items to an orphanage housing 50 babies and a camp with 52 children attending. Through the ministries we helped, the gospel was shared about 100 times and at least 9 people surrendered to Jesus.

Thank you for your continued support for us and teams like ours during these difficult days!

—an Alliance worker serving in north and central Asia

To see more of what your generosity has made possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, watch What Caring Can Do and Because You Gave

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