The Alliance Inheritance

Healing is at the heart of our movement


Early in 2013, the Lord deeply impressed the words “Healing is the Alliance inheritance” on my heart, and I immediately knew what He was calling me to do. At the time, my coworkers and I were in prayer for Alliance international and national workers ravaged by sickness and tragedy. Deep in my spirit, Jesus said, “It is time to launch a healing prayer ministry at the National Office.”

I am grateful for the Alliance doctrine on healing and its effect on my life. My personal journey in healing prayer began in an Alliance church in central Wisconsin in 1979, where I was the recipient of Jesus’ healing power. First, I experienced a healing of the brokenness of separation from God in salvation. Next, while meeting with an Alliance evangelist, I received spiritual deliverance from the grip of evil in my life. Later that year, while meeting with another itinerate Alliance minister, I received deep inner healing from the past wounds inflicted by my abusive father. While serving as an elder in that same church, I witnessed several miraculous physical healings of church members.

Twenty years ago, I moved from Minnesota to Colorado Springs to have the privilege of working in the technology group at the C&MA National Office. Shortly after that, my wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and the real test of healing faith began. Together, we poured over Dr. A. B. Simpson’s teaching on healing and divine health and took our stand. We’ve seen Jesus heal many aspects of this disease in her body, including partial blindness and deafness. A recent MRI has shown a significant decrease in lesions in her brain. The neurologists have been amazed at her progress, and we look forward to complete healing in her body.

All members of the Alliance family are called to embrace Dr. Simpson’s battle cry of the Fourfold Gospel and press in for the lives and health of His people. The founder of our great movement said:

It is not that we are contending with God or fighting against His will, but we are laying hold upon divine life for our body and fighting back the forces of disease and death through the power of the Holy Ghost. In this conflict apathy and weakness will not prevail. We must be “strong in the Lord and the power of His might,” and “resist steadfast in the faith.”

During the past four years, my training in healing ministries has accelerated through various Alliance and non-Alliance sources. I’ve had the privilege of praying for several hundred people while ministering with the International Association of Healing Rooms, and hundreds of hours of seminars, books and hands-on prayer ministry worked together to bring me to the belief that the Lord has much more for The Alliance with regard to healing and health.

When Jesus spoke the words “Healing is the Alliance inheritance” to me, I knew it was time to put those years of faith, training and gifting to work. I submitted a proposal to the leadership team of the National Office, whose members agreed to launch this ministry. I trained a mixed gender team of 10 coworkers in healing prayer ministries, and we were set to begin.

Since May 2013, we have been setting aside one and a half hours during the first Friday of each month to pray for needs of employees, family members and local church attendees. The office chapel is turned into a “healing room” similar to the healing homes of Simpson’s days. We offer Communion, worship music and personal prayer in a compassionate and loving setting.

Our team also has had the privilege of ministering to international workers at the Home Assignment Ministry Seminar and new U.S. workers at their recent conference, as well as during President John Stumbo’s “Call to Prayer” weekend. Last year, we prayed for more than 130 people and have seen many different types of healings. Thyroid conditions have returned to normal levels, and injured backs have been completely restored. We’ve also seen the love, peace and compassion of Jesus bring deep inner healings of fear, anxiety and stress. I believe we’ll begin to see more and more of the healings Dr. Simpson speaks of in his books and articles as we continue to invite Jesus the Healer into our gatherings.

I believe the numbers of healings we’re experiencing are in direct relationship to the inheritance promise received from Jesus. I’m convinced that the more we step into the Alliance inheritance and claim it as our own, the Lord will honor the commitment with a continued increase in healing gifts and miraculous interventions. Jesus is alive and wants to minister to our people as we invite Him into their lives and situations.

The vision the Lord gave me is for this to be a “grass roots” effort, led mainly by lay people, that will spread throughout the greater Alliance family in the U.S. and overseas. I foresee increased training opportunities at General Council, district conferences and field forums as well as various church seminar settings designed to launch The Alliance into a deeper walk of healing faith and action. Healing centers will rise up in Alliance churches and trained altar ministry teams will come alongside church elders to pray for the sick and hurting. Also, I envision a network of healing prayer ministers within The Alliance for mutual training, support and encouragement.

As we bring an increase in healing prayer and the healing power of Jesus both inside and outside the church walls, we will have more opportunities to introduce men, women and children to Jesus for salvation. This past year, while in line at the local grocery store I prayed for a clerk who was experiencing seizures. Five weeks later, she told me that she hadn’t had a seizure since the day I prayed for her. This gave me a platform, which I might not have had otherwise, to share Jesus’ great love for her and her family.

Though we’ve seen many healings since starting, any healing prayer ministry must leave the results in the hands of Jesus every time. Never blame a lack of faith on the part of the recipient as cause for lack of healing. Honor and love for the prayer recipient are other crucial factors in this ministry. As healing prayer ministers, we are called to have compassion for the sick but pray with boldness in our God-given authority against the enemy.

I’m grateful for the ongoing efforts of many faithful Alliance people to bring back a healing emphasis in our denomination all over the world. I count it a great privilege to be part of this growing movement.

His Healing Wings

The Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings. Doubtless this includes all the ills of humanity and covers Christ’s complete redemptive work. But why should we exclude the literal healing which formed so large a part of the Master’s earthly ministry? Had we lived in the days of the Messiah, we would have known Him chiefly as a healer and wonder-working rabbi, who touched the brow of pain and made it whole, and whose presence and command drove away spirits of evil from the human breast and brought the demon-possessed victims of insanity to sit at His feet clothed and in their right minds.

The healing of the body through Jesus Christ was no new thought to the ancient prophets. It had been included in the covenant of Moses. It has been the theme of David’s songs and Solomon’s proverbs. It had part of the simple practical faith that took God as their theocratic king for all the life of the nation. It had been a prime feature of the glorious picture which Isaiah gave of the Man of sorrows. And, as we have already shown, it formed a leading part in the actual ministry of the Savior. He passed it on to His disciples when He went away, and they, in turn, bequeathed it to the Christian church, down to the latest generations.

God always meant the faith of His people to take real things from Him and make external blessings stepping stones to the higher experiences of the unseen. For if God has not become real to us in the things that are patent to our senses and the observation of all men, how can we be assured that the remoter blessings we are claiming for the future have any solid foundation? But when we see God come into our present life, and become as real as our misery and sin and as the pains and sicknesses He heals, then we know that our faith for the future is not a dream. These things are but the firstfruits of the greater blessings of the ages to come.

—A. B. Simpson, The Lord for the Body

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