The Church Displaced, The Church Dispersed


Perhaps like me you’ve found these recent weeks to be a strange concoction of life. Fears lurk in every headline, while true peace is available to hearts. We’ve never washed our hands more often while being so doubtful that they’re truly clean. Relationships have been disrupted—we’re suddenly distanced from so many while being confined to limited space with so few. Work teams have been dispersed yet, for some, never felt so connected.

I’ve heard many leaders say in these days, “Let’s not waste this crisis.” These times are too tumultuous, too historic, too odd to be missed.

As I’ve been in contact with many in our Alliance family—and as you’ll read in the pages of this condensed issue—stories abound of your family fully engaging this monumental moment. Food distributed. Mercy shown. Music written. Love expressed. The Church displaced becomes the Church dispersed. The crisis is not being “wasted” by the Church. The people of God once again step into opportunities others avoid.

Yet, the story line—deeper and longer lasting than the latest headline—is strangely interwoven with a design we’ve not seen in our lifetimes. Overcrowded hospitals with underequipped staff provide a form of heroism. Pastors who’ve never recorded a message or had a social media account now find themselves on Facebook. Congregants who’ve only given through an offering plate now discover the benefit of recurring, online giving.

Even the fact that I’ve mixed life-threatening hospital situations with online giving trends further evidences my point. The concoction of the elements marking this moment are strange indeed.

As you read these pages, I have a couple requests: Celebrate with me the way that God is at work in and through His people. Second, prayerfully consider how He may be stirring you to respond in this moment.

Sometimes I wander into an unfamiliar place: the kitchen. I pull spices from racks and grab ingredients without the aid of a recipe. I wonder to myself, “Has anyone ever put together this concoction before?” After a sip or a bite, I have my own answer: “If they did, they probably only did it once.” 

This moment is a strange mix, never to be repeated. However, let’s not pass it by as some random concoction of events. A bigger story is being written. Let’s not miss our part in it.

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  1. Thank you, I have been feeling that too. I am enjoying finding myself in a place that I have permission to think outside the box. I see God in it for sure. Blessings

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