The Home of Peace


This first month in the history of Mrs. Carrie Judd Montgomery’s Home of Peace has been a perpetual benediction and full of praise. The heart, the power, and the glory of God have been graciously manifested among us, in the fellowships of Divine Life and the revealings of the Holy Spirit touching the Master’s will and the Christian’s privilege along the lines of the gospel of Salvation, Sanctification, Healing, and the expectation of the arrival of the Bridegroom, Hallelujah! “Yea, let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”

We hardly dare to write all of that which some dear hearts have uttered, as the Spirit has lifted them up unto the sunlight of His indwelling Presence and taught them of His own life and love and strength and health henceforth to flow through them for the refreshment of the weary, hungry, and discouraged hearts which they go hence to meet. Of some testimonies from among many, we may speak in brief:

Rev. J. G. S. came to us for waiting on God in the study of His Word concerning healing. He was suffering from Bright’s disease and had passed many sleepless nights. At his own request, he was anointed in accordance with the instructions of the Word (James 1:15) and unwaveringly claimed the work accomplished. Next morning he entered our parlors with beaming face and hearty praise for restful slumber and renewed vigor. He continued with us a week, and his praise and peace were like an artesian well in its flow.

Sisters M. J. and M. S., both quite broken down with brain fatigue and nervous prostration from intense and prolonged service in gospel work among the masses, spent a week with us, upon God in prayer and mutual study of the Word. Upon being anointed, they received, through faith, such a baptism of physical vigor and of abounding joy that they went forth to resume their work with a zeal that refused to be restrained, leaving with us this text, “Himself took our infirmities and bare our sickness.”

At the same time, Rev. M. was anointed and entered into the blessing of the renewal of his strength, the joy of the Lord, and with a bounding heart, hastened to his important field of service.

The reposeful peace of God, the imparted strength of the Lord, the energizing joy of the Lord, and the intensified consciousness of the dwelling presence of the Lord, through the operations of the blessed Holy Spirit, have been the themes of the heart songs and farewell testimonies of so many of the dear ones who have been with us, and gone hence to their respective vineyard service, that our faith, courage, and obedience exultingly rise toward the realization of the Master’s benediction; “Ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you.”

—Rev. J. P. Ludlow

Adapted from The Alliance Weekly February 23, 1894

Editor’s note: Thanks to the tireless restoration efforts of Alliance lay couple Joseph and Kathy Dombrowski, the Home of Peace continues to serve as a welcoming sanctuary for churches and ministry organizations—honoring the legacy of Ms. Montgomery and more importantly, the loving heart of Jesus.

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