The Journey To Jerusalem… And The Ends Of The Earth


Throughout Council, the Alliance family heard from workers carrying out Acts 1:8 ministries. In each story—whether in a Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or ends-of-the-earth context—workers expressed doubts about what God was doing—either from the get-go or when things seemed to be going south. Yet, in each case, He remained true to His promise to bring forth fruit through even the most adverse and hopeless circumstances. As God whispered to one international worker who complained that the whole venture He had assigned to her and her family was a terrible idea, “You’ve not been listening to me. I do terrible ideas really well.”

John Stumbo’s presentation of the “Alliance World Tour 2.0” on Saturday morning quieted any concern that God’s Spirit ever took a break, became distracted, or withheld His power and presence throughout The Alliance’s 132-year-old assignment to take all of Jesus to all the world—further cementing His promise to be with us until the job is done.

John also affirmed the work of Alliance people wherever they are planted—and issued a challenge to stay focused on creating gospel access for the remaining unreached peoples of the world.

“It’s no more spiritual to preach for Jesus in Burkina Faso than St. Louis—one is no more holy than the other,” he said. “The call of God comes to our lives to serve Him where He calls us. Sometimes it’s easy to stay at home and forget those around the world—but we have to go to regions beyond, to people who have no access to the gospel.”

Finding Lost Sheep

Tim Meier preached from John 10 to reinforce Jesus’ heart for His “lost sheep” and what our response should be in joining the Good Shepherd pursuing them. “The only difference between [the lost sheep and the found sheep] is that somehow, by God’s grace, we got found,” he said. “But we weren’t just found for us. His call is not about us—it’s about a Good Shepherd who’s worth following, even in dark days.”

Tim suggested this kind of commitment to a good Savior leads to what feels like “irrational obedience.” But, he said, “irrational obedience leads us to fruitful mission.”

Tim reminded attendees that the regions beyond to which God is calling the Alliance family isn’t only geographic, but embraces new expressions of the gospel. “But our heart as an Alliance family has got to continue to beat for other sheep—not just for those in our own towns,” he exhorted.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that many of our churches simply don’t care that much about the ends of the earth. I think it’s an add-on sometimes.

“But I’m asking God that, by His Spirit, He will unite us in a passion for sheep around the world that don’t have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Tim closed his message with an invitation. “In all humility I invite you to say ‘yes’ to a release of missionary focus in your church in a new way—in the way that you give and the way you send your young people and the way you hold loosely your plans.

“Say ‘yes’ to His next step to join Him on His mission for other sheep that He loves.”

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