The Lamb’s Agenda

Where horizontal and vertical intersect


We live in difficult times; times of great uncertainty, angst, consternation and flux. The obituary of American Christianity in the 21st century already permeates both Church and society. Scholars and leaders from within and outside the Church have concluded that Christianity in America will not survive the 21st century in any viable or sustainable manner. I beg to differ. For even though housing markets crumble, the stock market plummets and banks are failing, there is one institution that is still thriving—the Church of Jesus Christ is alive and well.

For that matter, I believe that the 21st century stands poised to experience the greatest transformative Christian movement in our history. This movement will affirm biblical orthodoxy, reform the culture, transform our political discourse, revolutionize the marketplace and usher in a New Awakening. I am convinced that the best is yet to come.

At the end of the day, this will not be a pathetic movement driven by expediency and agendas of man but a prophetic movement driven by the impetus of the cross. What is the agenda for this new movement? It is not the agenda of the Democrat or the Republican, of the donkey or the elephant. This movement is driven by nothing other than the agenda of the Lamb.

The Message of the Cross

The agenda of the Lamb is the message of the cross.

No other symbol incorporates passion and promise like the cross. A simple symbol depicting two pieces of wood, one vertical and the other horizontal, successfully branded the eternal hope of glory to all mankind. Madison Avenue and multimillion dollar campaigns have not been able to reproduce the loyalty, commitment and even multigenerational allegiance to a message conveyed via the humble conduit of this brand. It is not written on the wood but incarnated in the spirit of what it represents—grace and eternal life.

That universal Christian symbol not only conveys a message of what is to come but also what life truly is: a cross. Jesus said, “Carry your cross daily and follow me.” (See Luke 9:23.) The cross is both vertical and horizontal; life is both vertical and horizontal. Vertically, we stand connected to God, His Kingdom, eternal life, spiritual truths, divine principles and glory. Horizontally, to our left and to our right, we exist surrounded and revealed through community, relationships, family, culture and society.

Simply stated, the cross is both redemption and relationship, holiness and humility, covenant and community, Kingdom and society, righteousness and justice, salvation and transformation, ethos and pathos, John 3:16 and Matthew 25, orthodoxy and orthopraxy, Billy Graham and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., prayers and activism, sanctification and service, imago dei and habitus Christus, missions and the marketplace, the New Jerusalem and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For too long, people have lived either vertically or horizontally, but few, even in Christian leadership, have succeeded in living, speaking, equipping, leading and ministering from where the vertical and horizontal planes of the cross intersect, the nexus of Christianity.

This is the place where conviction marries compassion, the fishes intersect with the bread and truth joins hands with mercy; the place where we reconcile the optics of redemption with the metrics of reconciliation, the image of God with the habits of Christ, the prophetic with the practical and faith with action.

The agenda of the Lamb stands committed to both the vertical and the horizontal. We need a church committed to saving the lost and transforming our communities, addressing sin and confronting injustice, protecting life and alleviating poverty, reaching the sinner and reforming the culture. It’s not either/or; it’s both/and. It is righteousness and justice.

Behold the Lamb!

Empowered by the Spirit of God

At the heart of the Lamb’s agenda stands the Church. Conceived on the cross, contracted in the empty tomb and delivered in the Upper Room, the Lamb’s Church is a Spirit-empowered Church.

Forget Harry Potter and Hogwarts. We know very well there are real spirits in the world today. The spirit of Pharaoh is alive, holding people captive in the Egypt of spiritual and economic bondage and fear.

The spirit of Goliath still lives, mocking and intimidating the children of God. The spirit of Jezebel still makes men and women hide in caves with sexual perversion and manipulation. The spirit of Absalom is dividing homes, churches and relationships while the spirit of Herod is killing the young through abortion, poverty and sex trafficking, murdering infant dreams and vision.

Yet I have news for you. There is a Spirit more powerful than all these spirits combined. We carry a biblical mandate to tell the world that the most powerful spirit alive today is not the spirit of Pharaoh, Saul, Absalom, Goliath, Jezebel or Herod. The most powerful spirit on the planet is the Holy Spirit of Almighty God, the Spirit of the Lamb. “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty” (Zech. 4:6).

Therefore, to every narrative and spirit that facilitates the platform of moral relativism, spiritual apathy, cultural decadence and ecclesiastical lukewarmness, we say the following: For every Pharaoh, there must be a Moses; for every Goliath, there must be a David; for every Nebuchadnezzar, there must be a Daniel; for every Jezebel, there must be an Elijah; for every Herod, there must be a Jesus and for every devil that rises up against you, there is a mightier God that rises up for you!

Behold the Lamb!

*Adapted from The Lamb’s Agenda: Why Jesus Is Calling You to a Life of Righteousness and Justice. Used by permission.

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