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Recently my husband, Soeuth, and I left our house early in the morning to pick up some church ladies for a quarterly meeting of Alliance women, which was to be held at a house church in Maak Hoern Village, Poipet, Cambodia. As we drove, we began to question the wisdom of choosing this location. We were in the middle of rainy season, and it had poured the day before. As we made it to the highway, about 20 ladies and their little ones waited for our truck. The women’s group leaders had arranged for a big truck from Poipet to pick up the remaining ladies.

Since we were there first, we tested the road conditions. There was no way our truck could make it down the muddy path leading to the church. Not willing to take the risk, Soeuth parked, and we all walked barefoot to the village. When we arrived, the host families gave us buckets of water to wash our feet. Soon the ladies from the other truck joined us. We spread out blue and green plastic sheets on the wet ground where we sat, all 60 of us, for the entire service, with only two small trees as our shade. As soon as the worship started, we felt rain drops on our faces, and in agreement, we all prayed aloud, “God, please hold off the rain for a few hours.” And He did!

I had prepared a message based on Ephesians 6:10–20, reminding the ladies that to overcome the schemes of the devil, we need to daily put on the “full armor of God” (see page 4). After the sermon, some leaders warned of a false group spreading lies about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Meing Ree, an elderly widow at the meeting for the first time, shouted, “What group are we in now? Can somebody tell me if I am in the right place?” Some ladies gently told Meing Ree who we are and assured her that she was in the right place. Meing Ree said, “Then I need to be protected by Jesus as well. I want to wear this armor of God, too.” And she did, because immediately after the service, I had the privilege of leading Meing Ree to Jesus!

When the meetings were over, we headed back to the main road before the rains came. With one hand I supported a toddler, Lois, who I carried piggyback, and with the other I held onto Meing Ree as she walked beside me. While we still had some distance to go, three-year-old Lois pointed to the Buddhist temple and declared to no one in particular, “That is not a good place. Don’t go there.” Hearing this, Meing Ree exclaimed, “How can it be? And such knowledge? Why, even a small child as this is able to know what is right from what is wrong. From now, I am never going to walk away from God!”

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