The Simpson Anthology


As we commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Alliance Founder A. B. Simpson’s passing, Alliance Life will feature his rich, devotional reflections in place of the Tozer Anthology, which will resume in 2020.



Our sins have not only been forgiven, but obliterated; in fact, they have ceased to be our sins and have been assumed by the great Sin Bearer, and we are henceforth as free from liability for them as if we had never sinned!



Much of our life contains suffering and trial, and the shadow of the cross is also here. Looking upon our trials as unmeaning accidents, the blow of fate, the luck of evil fortune, or the cruel wrongs of men and women is so different from taking them from our Father’s hand as the cup of His loving discipline and as the fellowship of our Savior’s cross!



You can never share the wrath of God for sin; that He bore alone. But He has left for you to carry with Him “the fellowship of his sufferings.”



. . . if anything is true, this is true, that there will be nothing in heaven that does not have the mark of the cross upon it and has not passed through death and resurrection.



This definite, absolute and final putting off of ourselves in an act of death is something we cannot do ourselves. It is not self-mortifying, but it is dying with Christ. Nothing can do it but the cross of Christ and the Spirit of God.

Compiled by Harry Verploegh, Under the Shadow of the Cross

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