The Women at the Well



In Jesus’ day the well was the public water source, as it is in most villages here in the Republic of the Congo. However, in many towns, the traditional well has become one of several public pumps installed by the local government. Here the water flows freely for all to take, as do conversations while waiting a turn to fill containers.

My wife, Teresa, and I, along with a national ministry couple, recently moved to a new part of town where there is no piped-in water. Teresa and I dug a private well and have attached a suppressor to pump the water directly into our house. However, our colleagues, who have not yet dug their well, have to go to the nearby public pump to get their water.

Recently, I volunteered to use our truck to haul some containers of water from the pump to their house. Having to fill several large containers took a bit of time, and as we started, women from the neighborhood came to wait their turn. In this culture, women and children are sent to fetch water, so they were a bit surprised to see men there.

As the water started to flow into the containers, conversation began. Like Jesus with the woman at the well, who was evidently amiss in her doctrines and ethics, we soon found out that these women, though seemingly religious, were also confused. They told us of their pastor, who for profit blessed the water they brought to church. He told them if they drank it, their sicknesses would be healed and the water would keep them healthy.

The church these women attended is called the “Center for the Word,” yet, ironically, when we asked them if they read their Bibles, most said they either didn’t have one or didn’t read the one they owned. Although they had been going to this church for a year, none could recite even one Bible verse.

The women seemed sincere and eagerly received the gospel we spoke to them. That day was one where they came for physical water but got clear spiritual water as well.

Please pray for us and our national colleagues, Celestin and Jeanne, as we continue ministries in this new and not so spiritually “well-watered” area of the Republic of the Congo. Your generous gifts to the Great Commission Fund help to give us opportunities to share the living water with the Congolese people.

2 responses to The Women at the Well

  1. Thank you for the work you are doing for these people. So wonderful how God has given you all the desire to serve.

  2. saludos y abrazos desde la región de la araucania Chile y DIOS les siga prosperando y firmes y adelante con JESUCRISTO.

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