The Tozer Anthology

As reported in the October 15, 2013 issue.

Compiled by Harry Verploegh


Because God is the Living God and the Christian stands in the relationship of child to God, he has the promise of the divine inheritance.

God being who He is, the inheritance we receive from Him is limitless—it is all of the universe!

The [true] Christian’s future is still before him. I will give you time to smile at that, because it sounds like a self-evident bromide if ever one was uttered. But I assure you that it is not a self-evident banality; it is, rather, a proof that we ought to ponder soberly the fact that many Christians already have their future behind them. Their glory is behind them. The only future they have is their past. They are always lingering around the cold ashes of yesterday’s burned-out campfire. Their testimonies indicate it, their outlook and their uplook reveal it and their downcast look betrays it! Above all, their backward look indicates it. I always get an uneasy feeling when I find myself with people who have nothing to discuss but the glories of the days that are past.!

The corrosive action of unbelief in our day has worn down the Christian hope of heaven until there seems to be very little joy and expectation concerning the eternal inheritance which God has promised.

I think we have a right to be startled by the thought that very few people really believe in heaven anymore. . . . For the most part, we do not think about heaven very often and we talk about it even less!

—from I Call It Heresy, originally published in The Alliance Witness, May 13, 1981.

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