True Freedom


She was imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit, but it was God’s plan that she would find freedom in prison! Nong, her sister and mother were arrested for simply being in a home where drugs were found. In Thailand, drug-related offenses are considered crimes against society, so everyone involved, whether “guilty” or not, is punished.

The women joined our group at the Sawang Daen Din prison to hear the story of God. Of the three, only Nong continued to come faithfully. When we shared how Jesus died on the cross just because He loved us, even though He was not guilty of anything, Nong was in tears—she had never heard of such love!

After I told the story of how God changed my life, I asked the women if they too wanted to have a relationship with Jesus. Nong was one of nine women who prayed to receive Christ.

Nong’s faith in God was strengthened as she and her friends continually saw God answer their prayers. Nong prayed that her case would be resolved and she could be set free to go home to her two young children. Nong was released last fall. One guard said her case should not have been resolved so easily, but we know it’s because we serve a powerful God!

Although at first Nong did not understand why she was unjustly imprisoned, she can now see that it was so she could hear about God and accept His true freedom. Nong wants to share this message with family and friends, so please pray for her to be bold and for them to be receptive, that we might see many more lives changed.

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