The path to healing is a journey of faith


I am a daughter on a journey, learning to be in relationship with God and discovering what it means to live that out every day. Since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and now lymphoma (a cancerous tumor in her brain), I’ve wrestled with questions I once thought I had the answers to and found that they are leading me on a new journey—one of discovery, of waiting, of pursuing God in the storm. God is who He is, and we remain His throughout the changing seasons and circumstances of life.

This journey has been a lesson in waiting. At the start, I was filled with hope for God’s supernatural intervention in the full healing of my mom’s body. A revelation of His glory. Instantaneously. He’s God; He can do that. But after long months, hope has waned as my expectation wasn’t met—and I’ve been left wondering what it is I am waiting for.

I have believed—and still believe—that God is a God of healing. That’s what Jesus came for. His journey on earth encompassed a lifestyle of healing, and His sacrifice was made with that in mind. “By His wounds, we are healed” Isaiah prophesied (53:5). And I believe that to be a healing in every sense of the word—body, soul, mind.

I have prayed for that for my mom and expected it. The Lord’s heart is to heal.

So when is it happening? Why isn’t the cancer gone?

Day after day, things seem to get worse. First, it was breast cancer and a benign brain tumor. Then, the tumor in her brain grew larger. Then, it was breast cancer and a cancerous brain tumor that is potentially repressible but basically incurable. I am not trying to describe a spiral into a pit of despair; I just want to show that my expectation has, humanly speaking, seemed to be far from met.

Where does that leave us?

I’ve asked God these questions and waited for Him to answer. Sometimes the waiting drags on, the questions reverberating through the air for days, weeks. And then He answers in the most unexpected ways.

I have waited for His glory to be revealed in the fullness of a supernatural healing, bringing wholeness to my mom’s body in an instant, astounding every prayer warrior around the world, every doctor, every person who has doubted His power. And I still pray with expectation that God could very well do that.

But He has spoken into the quiet recesses of my heart and whispered that His glory is revealed through us.

As we place our hope in Him and His promises, we are the revelation of His glory on earth.

That thought reminds me of my identity as His daughter and a follower of Christ. Through the blessing and hardship, I choose to be His. His glory.

As we’ve waited, I’ve realized that healing doesn’t always look the way I expect it to. I wholeheartedly believe that the Lord’s heart is for healing, but it may reveal itself in different ways and be worked out in a manner my human mind cannot understand quite yet. For our family, the Lord is using the sickness in my mom’s body and the circumstances surrounding it to bring healing to our relationships. He makes all things work together for our good (see Rom. 8:28).

As a family, we are still pressing in for my mom’s full healing, but I’ve realized there is so much more to this journey than what I want in this moment. I am learning what it means to surrender to His will and sovereignty. And God is bringing about more than I can begin to imagine, both for our good and His glory, in and through our lives:

A heart surrendered. Unwavering hope. Healed relationships. True joy and peace.

And so I continue to choose Him in this journey.

Editor’s note: As this article was in production we received word that Gale Parodi had passed away. Sarah wrote: “While the pain of her loss is great, it is coupled with a profound peace. Her suffering is over, and the life she lived was full. While she now rests in the arms of Christ, she has impacted countless people all over the world with her legacy of bold faith and selfless love. We are thankful she is now fully healed, and we know God’s grace is enough to sustain us.”

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