We Embrace The Outcast. We Welcome The Immigrant.


2 responses to We Embrace The Outcast. We Welcome The Immigrant.

  1. Your statement, “We Welcome the Immigrant” can be construed as that you are encouraging illegal immigration. The Body of Christ MUST welcome EVERYONE. That should, and does, include those who break our laws and enter our country illegally. There are some of us in the CMA who believe that those actions pose a threat to the safety and security of our nation. I urge you to consider issuing a statement declaring that you are in support of LEGAL immigration. If not, you could be viewed as siding with the political forces and parties who are looking to advance the influx of illegals with the sole purpose of bolstering their ranks and establishing political strongholds that they need to advance their ideologies. Such political parties include groups who engage in public mayhem, vandalism, violence, physical attacks on those they disagree with, and domestic terrorism. Please be careful not to give the impression that you are turning the denomination into a political ally of those who engage in the heinous acts described above, and who often demonstrate hatred of the gospel message and biblical truth. In doing so, the day may come that the Bible, in order to be viewed as “acceptable” to those groups, must be in alignment with their worldly and ungodly ideologies, must be reedited to remove what they view as politically incorrect “hate speech,” including Christ’s message of salvation and scriptural definitions of morality.

  2. We need to be clear in this day & age that we welcome the legal immigrants. Never those who enter unlawfully &/or for purposes of causing harm to citizens.

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