“We Will Meet with Jesus”


In 1893, The Christian and Missionary Alliance sent a group of approximately 50 Swedish missionaries to China to give the gospel to the unreached. One of the missionaries was Carl L. Lundberg. Below is an excerpt from a letter he wrote to the Holy Union Mission in Sweden.

August 16, 1900

Dear Pastor Kilstet,

How wonderful is the Lord in all His doings! Who is able to understand His ways? You have probably heard how the storms of persecution have broken out in China and have also reached to your field of labor and ours of the C&MA. After [I was] told how 10 missionaries were killed, two of our missionaries—Mr. and Mrs. Forsberg—were stoned and their child torn in pieces. The riot began in Kwei-Hua-Cheng where we were, so we left the place and thought to go to Urza, and over to Russia. But when we were two days away from Kwei-Thea, all of our things were stolen, and the robbers attacked us eight times. They took some of our clothing from our bodies so we had to suffer both hunger and cold. Four Catholic missionaries there heard about us and sent messengers after us to bring us here. The last messenger found us, and we have been here eight days, where there is also great danger. The Boxers are coming to destroy the place. Many Catholic settlements were spoiled, thousands of Chinese were killed and our station was destroyed. . . .

If we should not come out with our lives then please send our last message to all mission friends. We live and die for the Lord and China. We have not heard anything from Peking for nearly two months. The way to the coast is not open, but the way to the Lord is open, thanks be to Him. Let not your hands fail and do not lose your courage. What we sow shall bear fruit in its time. When the storm is over, send out other witnesses to China to proclaim the great act of the Lord. I do not regret that I came to China. I know the Lord called me here, and His grace is enough for me. The way He leads is the best, His will be done. We shall meet at His right hand.

August 22, 1900

Now the soldiers have come and are going to attack us today. The Catholics are going to defend themselves but it seems of no use, we do not want to die with weapons in our hands. If God permits, they may take our lives. . . . God bless you all. We will meet with Jesus.

Yours, happy in Jesus,

Carl L. Lundberg

—C&MA National Archives

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