A Hindu medical student at Omaha’s Creighton University was returning to his homeland and called me to say good-bye. He wanted to take me out for dinner but had already sold his car, so I offered to pick him up. Then I thought, Uh oh! We’re in the middle of the College World Series; traffic near Creighton will be a challenge.

I was right. As I neared the university, cars and trucks moved slowly. Wanting to redeem the time, I began to pray for “Krish,” asking that God would show him specifically how much He loves him.

After I finally picked Krish up at his dorm, we headed toward the Old Market, a quaint part of town with many options for the vegetarian food he required. After settling in at a restaurant’s outdoor seating area, Krish began to ask me lots of questions—not about the spiritual things I had hoped he would bring up, but about baseball and the College World Series in particular. I’m not exactly a big sports fan, and I definitely don’t know many details surrounding the CWS, as it is called in its “hometown.”

The couple at the table behind us, hearing me struggle with the answers, began to help me out, eventually moving to the table next to Krish and me. We learned that they were from Texas and came to the CWS each year. They explained how the baseball world series worked and then went on to tell us their story. The man works at a church and actually married his pastor’s daughter. The Texans were winsome and loving—and left a visible impact on Krish. Most importantly, they had opened the door to the gospel.

After they left, I asked Krish if he would like to hear more about how much God loves him. His eyes got big as he nodded. Just after I finished telling Krish the good news of Jesus, a homeless woman came up behind me. “Excuse me, ma’am,” she said. “Could you please give me some money? I’m very hungry.” I asked her to join us for dinner.

After she ordered, I said, “I just told my friend here how much God loves him, and I believe God sent you here just now so that we could tell you that He loves you, too!” The woman began to cry, and Krish’s eyes were also welling up with tears.

After a meaningful conversation with my two guests, I asked the waiter for our check. He told me that the Texans had already taken care of it; I needed to pay only for the homeless woman’s meal. “I guess what goes around comes around!” the waiter exclaimed. (The couple from Texas ended up staying at my home during the remainder of their time in Omaha.)

As we headed back to his dorm, I sensed Krish’s heart was softened to the gospel. In just a little more than an hour, God had woven together in an inextricable way the lives of a Hindu student, a homeless woman and an out-of-state couple visiting Omaha for a sporting event. He is truly the Grand Weaver. And He doesn’t waste a thing, not even the College World Series.

A version of this story was previously published by Global Friends Omaha. Used by permission.

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