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At Alliance Council 2015 in Long Beach, California, U.S. C&MA President John Stumbo presented a list of priorities. Two years later, these four things remain: Love, Proclaim, Reach, and Launch.

“When I say, ‘LOVE,’ I’m just saying one thing: LOVE. It’s not complicated,” John said during part one of the President’s Report at Council 2017 in Columbus, Ohio.

PROCLAIM means expressing the gospel in action and in speech. “Show and tell; verbalize and demonstrate the gospel,” John said. Alliance workers in Poipet, Cambodia, are one such example. What started as a medical ministry has grown in the past 13 years into eight Alliance churches.

“Our team has been known by the local people as the ‘Jesus people,’ and they even call us the ‘saving NGO’ [non-governmental organization],” said Alliance International Worker Soeuth Lao in an interview with Tim Crouch, vice president for International Ministries.

Next comes REACH, which comprises three groups: people overlooked, people on the move, and people lacking access. “In every culture and every society there’s somebody being missed,” John said.

In Syria, the people overlooked are the deaf. Edward Awabdeh, president of the C&MA in Syria and Lebanon, reported that an offering from Council 2015 helped them to purchase a 430-square-foot space to minister to those with hearing disabilities.

“People are fleeing the country by the millions, and you’re buying property. Way to go, Pastor,” John exclaimed.

LAUNCH is an attitude, John said in closing. “It’s a spirit of releasing, of not holding the church tightly to ourselves.”

Church Planter and Pastor Matt Cohen described how two years after its own launch, Citylight Church of the C&MA helped start Citylight Center City. “We really believe that our Kingdom impact is not primarily through seating capacity, as J. D. Greear says, but through sending capacity,” Matt said.

“In Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth,” the Alliance family has been living its call to love, proclaim, reach, and launch. “We have enough capacity by the Spirit of God, as we bind together as a family, for us to do it all well,” John exhorted.

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