What “Just Happened”?


“Dear God, if You heal my son,” the distraught mother pleaded, “I promise to follow You the rest of my life.”

When a kindergarten student at Alliance Academy International in Ecuador had hip pain and couldn’t walk, his parents took him to a physician. Blood tests and x-rays showed that Naoki could have a disease that stops blood flow to the ends of his bones, causing them to die. The family was desperate. And our God was faithful.

Naoki and his sister had come to Ecuador with their parents a few years earlier. Their mother, Miki, “just happened” to meet the music director of an evangelical church in Quito, a city of nearly 2 million people. Because he was also from Japan, his invitation to church was kindly accepted.

Miki, who had no inkling of what Christianity is about, came to the church only once. Yet the visit gave her much to think about as she adjusted to a new culture and made new friends. When she “just happened” to hear about a private school with international students, she enrolled her son at Alliance Academy, where God surrounded the family with His loving care.

During Spiritual Emphasis Week one year ago, the students were given prayer journals that focused on a passage of Scripture each day. They were asked to write what they thought God was saying to them through the verses. Although the kindergartners were too young to read and write, one of the teachers “just happened” to send prayer journals home for their parents to study.

It was at this time that Naoki experienced severe pain in his hip and couldn’t walk. The doctor gave the family little hope for his recovery. As his mother poured over the Scripture verses in the journal, her prayers became focused on her son’s need. She asked the God in the Bible to heal him. Was God real? Could He heal? Did He care?

Miki promised that if God healed her son, she would follow His Son for the rest of her life. Teachers at the academy joined her in praying, and Naoki was completely healed. The grateful mother gave her heart to Jesus.

When Naoki first came to the academy, Miki quickly made friends with other mothers and many of the missionaries. Now these devoted friends began to disciple her. When she was baptized, her husband attended the service and asked many questions about Christianity. His interest continued as several families joined the newly baptized believer for dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate the event.

Clearly, this young family has seen that when unexpected encounters “just happen,” God is at work. Their healthy son is a testimony to His faithfulness.

Recently, the family returned to Japan. Miki is eager to find a church and tell people about the God who heals.

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