When Bah Va Was Saved


On my return from Bangkok, Bah Va came with a group of Mèos, and the next morning we all started out to his village. A Christian Mèo chief, Tu Yeng, went with us. We traveled twenty-five kilometers by Jeep to a small village and then started walking. In one place we waded a stream for over two kilometers. The brush at places on the trail was very thick; there was plenty of mountain climbing, also. It had rained and the trail was slippery, and the bushes were full of leeches.

About halfway to the village I was overcome with weariness; I felt I could not take another step. This was unusual, for I climb mountains without too much trouble, even at forty-seven! I prayed about it, and in a short time I felt all right again.

When we arrived at the village, [my wife] Helen and I talked about my experience . . . and Helen said she thought it was an attack of Satan, so we prayed for deliverance too. When I told the Mèos about it, they said they knew what it was—on the trail was a large cave which is the home of a powerful demon. They felt that the demon had tried to keep me from this village. We thanked the Lord for deliverance.

That night Bah Va, Tu Yeng and I went visiting the village; Helen spread the bedrolls on the bamboo bed and went to sleep.

About half past four the family arose and started two fires in the house. The villagers had caught a pig and [prepared a feast in our honor]. Later in the morning everybody in the village came to eat.

After the feast we told the people about the love of God. Helen used the flannelgraph, telling of creation, Christ’s birth, His death and His resurrection. I used the Heart Tract posters to illustrate my message from the Word of God. Tu Yeng interpreted our Lao into Mèo so all could understand. It was a great time! Most of the people said they wanted to talk more about receiving the Lord, but Bah Va and his family all turned to the Lord that day. This included his wife and two boys, one fourteen and one twelve, and two girls, one ten and one eight. Praise the Lord!

Then we found out that Bah Va himself was a sorcerer—and not an ordinary one. He was a maw-mouan, one who is called to other villages when the local sorcerer fails. No wonder Satan tried to do all he could to stop us. What a joy to burn all the fetishes in Christ’s name. How wonderful is His name!

[The next day] when we reached home I thought, “Six hours of hard climbing to get to the village, yet God gave us six Christians—one for every hour.” May it please God to give us the rest of the village for Him!

—Rev. C. E. Gustafson

Adapted from The Alliance Witness, March 17, 1965.

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