Where Do We Go From Here?


A reminder, an announcement, and a challenge formed the outline of the President’s Report, part 3.

“The New Testament clearly describes a Spirit-directed mission,” President John Stumbo passionately reminded Council attendees. “He’s in charge of the Church. It’s His Church; it’s His mission.” Therefore, listening, abiding, and walking in the Spirit precedes everything else.

John then announced that a search has begun for a new vice president (VP) for Church Ministries. After refreshing the position’s job description, he hopes to name a new VP by this fall.

Greater intentionality toward evangelism was John’s challenge for U.S. C&MA churches. Recent Annual Reports show a flatline number of new churches and a decrease in baptisms. “We’ve got an issue in the Alliance family,” John said.

Four ideas presented to increase evangelistic passion included church planting, reaching international students, hosting Alpha courses, and giving personal testimony.

Christ Community Church (CCC), a C&MA church in Omaha, has been a part of planting 10 churches in the last 10 years.

“As we move forward and plant new churches, we think it’s the best way to both make new disciples and mature existing disciples of King Jesus,” said Chris Hruska, pastor and co-church planter of Citylight Church, a daughter church of CCC.

Doug Shaw, president of International Students, Inc., said many international students in the United States come from countries where missionaries are being expelled.

“God has allowed these people to come to the U.S. at this point in time,” Doug said. “We need to send them back with the power of the gospel in their lives.”

Pastor Joel Bubna of Hope Community Church in Ohio, explaining the effectiveness of an evangelism method called Alpha, said, “When you marry hospitality and truth, it just works.”

Lastly, John read an excerpt from his new book, God in You: A Conversation, which was released at Council 2017. He said writing it was his personal effort to become more engaged in evangelism. It’s a book meant to be shared, and all proceeds go to the Great Commission Fund.

“If you don’t use any of [these] ideas, that’s fine,” John said at the end of his evangelism challenge. “But if you don’t have something that you are actively and effectively using, then what are you going to do?”

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  1. If we don’t start planting churches. The Lord will break up our cozy churches to spread the talent around. I have been a part of 2 churches where this occurred. Too much talent in 1 church it’s time to replant. Regarding evangelism…yes we need to preach inside the Church and in the community life death and Resurrection of Christ. Repentance too.

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