Why a Family?


I’ve recently fallen into a destructive nighttime habit. When I can’t sleep, I peruse Internet news sources to find out what happened in the world that day. It’s a far cry from counting sheep.

There’s nothing peaceful, let alone sleep inducing, about the times in which we find ourselves. Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright recently nutshelled it in one grave statement: The world is a mess. And, as we’ve seen so vividly in recent days, political systems and military force offer little prospect of easing the world’s injustices. Only through Jesus’ full embrace will humankind find reason for hope amid the calamity of our days—a reality that again reminds us why we’re passionate about gospel access.

U.S. Alliance president John Stumbo describes The Alliance as a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family. And we know that, though we are committed to taking the gospel to the far reaches of our world, our ministry must first be firmly planted in our own communities—our Jerusalems. It is here that our neighbors experience firsthand how Christ-centered—not self-centered—His love has made us. And it is that love that inspires us to discover Judea and Samaria—whether in a U.S. inner city ‘across the tracks’ or in a worn-torn country across the globe.

In reflecting on his first year as president, Dr. Stumbo spoke about how working together to provide worldwide access to the gospel is more effective than going it alone: “This is one of the beauties of being part of a broader family: that what would be overwhelming for one isolated church becomes very doable for us as districts and as a denomination when we work together.”

Well said, Mr. President. We couldn’t agree more.

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