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Days of Heaven on Earth

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Let us say no to the flesh, the world and the love of self, and learn the holy self-denial of which so much of the life of obedience consists. We must make no provision for the flesh, give no recognition to our lower life. We must say no to everything earthly and selfish. How very much of the life of faith consists in simply denying ourselves.

We begin with one great yes to God, and then we conclude with an eternal no to ourselves, the world, the flesh and the devil.

Nearly every commandment of the Decalogue is a Thou shalt not. In First Corinthians 13, with its beautiful picture of love, most of the characteristics of love are in the negative-what love does not, thinks not, says not, is not. And so you will find that the largest part of the life of consecration is really saying no.

I am not my own,

I belong to Him.

I am His alone,

I belong to Him.


Denying ungodlinessTitus 2:12


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