Ted Kang thumbnail

Ted Kang - Keynote Speaker

Ted served Youth With A Mission for four years after he finished his bachelor’s degree. He then received an M.Div from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he met his wife, Sandy. Ted and Sandy joined San Jose Christian Alliance Church as missionary interns with a desire to serve in Asia, yet God directed Ted to become the church’s lead pastor in 2014 instead.

Thursday Evening Service
Thursday, May 30 6:45pm–8:45 pm
Bryan Loritts thumbnail

Bryan Loritts - Keynote Speaker

Bryan serves the Abundant Life Christian Fellowship of Silicon Valley, California, as lead pastor. An award-winning author of five books (God on Paper, A Cross Shaped Gospel, Letters to a Birmingham Jail, Right Color/Wrong Culture and Saving the Saved, and How Jesus Saves Us from Try-Harder Christianity into Performance-Free Love), Bryan co-founded Fellowship Memphis in 2003 and later founded The Kainos Movement, an organization committed to seeing the multiethnic church become the new normal in our world. In addition to his responsibilities as a pastor, Bryan travels extensively throughout the world preaching the good news of Jesus Christ at conferences and events as well as serving on the board of trustees for Biola University and PineCove Christian Camps. His messages can be heard daily on the Salem Radio Network’s KFAX station. He and his wife, Korie, have three sons.

Church Ministries — EquippingU Pre-Council
Tuesday, May 28 8:30am–11:30am
EquippingU Plenary Session
Tuesday, May 28 1:30pm–4:00pm
Wednesday Evening Service
Wednesday, May 29 6:45pm–8:45pm
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Yoel Magdaleno - Keynote Speaker

Yoel is the president of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Cuba. A former Marxist and atheist, Yoel has a powerful testimony of his encounter with Jesus Christ.

Saturday Evening Service
Saturday, June 1 7:00pm–8:45pm
Tim Meier thumbnail

Tim Meier - Keynote Speaker

Tim and his wife, Rachel, served with The Alliance in France before transitioning to work with Envision. He served as the director for Envision starting in 2016, and in September 2018, was appointed as vice president for the Development area of ministry, responsible for the communications, funding, and marketing functions. Tim and Rachel live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with their two sons.

Missionary Rally
Sunday, June 2 9:30am–11:30am
Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero thumbnail

Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero - Keynote Speaker

Gabriel and Jeanette have two sons and are the co-lead pastors of Calvario City Church, a multi-ethnic congregation in Orlando, Florida. Their life’s work includes bringing an ethical framework to public policy, pursuing racial reconciliation, and empowering mature leadership. Gabriel is the founder of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) which gives a voice to the close to 7 million Latino evangelicals in the United States.

Friday Evening Service
Friday, May 31 6:45pm–8:45pm
John Stumbo thumbnail

John Stumbo - Keynote Speaker

John has been the president of the U.S. Alliance since 2013. He and Joanna, his bride of 36 years, have three grown children, three young grandsons, and a new granddaughter. John has authored three books and has a few more in the works. He loves being with the Alliance family—from teams on the field, to church leaders and congregations here in the States, to the great staff at the National Office. John finds renewal spending Sabbath days in God's creation.

Tuesday Evening Service
Tuesday, May 28 6:45pm–8:45pm
Wednesday Morning President's Report
Wednesday, May 29 9:00am–11:30am
Thursday Morning President's Report
Thursday, May 30 9:00am–11:30am
Friday Morning President's Report
Friday, May 31 9:00am–10:15am
Beyond Today
Saturday, June 1 9:30am–11:30am
 Grace Worship Team thumbnail

Grace Worship Team - Artist

As pastor of worship and technology, Mr. Sam Beatty oversees Grace Church’s worship and technical ministries, including sound, lighting, video, and Web. He joined the team at Grace (Middleburg Heights, Ohio) in 2006 after being a high school teacher for 10 years, teaching band and orchestra for one year, Spanish for seven years, and Interactive Media for two years. He earned his BA from Ohio Wesleyan University in violin performance in 1995 and his BA in Spanish in 1996 and then his MA in Educational Curriculum in 2008. He is currently a licensed pastor through the C&MA’s Ministerial Studies Program. Sam and his wife, Anna, were married in 2003 and now live in Berea, Ohio, with their four children: Morgan, Reese, Claire, and Micah.

Tuesday Evening Service
Tuesday, May 28 6:45pm–8:45pm
Marquis Laughlin thumbnail

Marquis Laughlin - Artist

Marquis is the founder of Acts of The Word, a nonprofit nondenominational ministry devoted to transforming people's lives through reenactments of Bible stories. His live performances include seven compelling dramatic solo Scripture presentations highlighting the epic story of God's relationship with man through the books of Genesis, Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, John, Acts, and Revelation. He maintains an active touring schedule at theatres, conferences, and houses of worship, where his one-man shows have been presented all over the world. Acts of The Word produces the nationally syndicated radio, television, and social media platform called The Moral Dilemma, challenging believers to develop a biblical worldview. Marquis and his wife, Theresa, live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with their three children and attend the Allegheny Center Alliance Church.

Kelvin Walker thumbnail

Kelvin Walker - Artist and Seminar Speaker

On October 16, Kelvin Walker was elected the Metropolitan District superintendent. He will begin his service with the district in January 2019. He’s a member of both the C&MA Board of Directors (serving as vice-chair) and the President’s Cabinet (member-at-large). This May he will conclude his tenure of three terms as president of the Association of African American Pastors, Consecrated Women, and Licensed Workers of the C&MA.

Race, Culture, and the Kingdom of God
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Wednesday Morning President's Report
Wednesday, May 29 9:00am–11:30am
Thursday Morning President's Report
Thursday, May 30 9:00am–11:30am
Friday Morning President's Report
Friday, May 31 9:00am–10:15am
Evangeline (Annie) and Thomas George thumbnail

Evangeline (Annie) and Thomas George - Prayer Facilitator

Annie and Thomas are first-generation immigrants from India. The Lord called them to Himself in different ways while they were attending Kent (Ohio) State University. He then led them to The Alliance and called them to pastoral ministry in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Since then, Annie and Thomas have served as a pastoral couple in Maryland and Ohio and worked in leadership at the Great Lakes District.

Denny and Connie Krajacic thumbnail

Denny and Connie Krajacic - Prayer Facilitator

Denny and Connie have been married 45 years and have served 40 years in four Western Pennsylvania C&MA churches. Through three U.S. Alliance presidencies, Denny has served on the C&MA Board of Directors and is currently on the Board of Trustees for Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary in New York. Denny and Connie are now in their 23rd year of ministry to Community Alliance Church in Butler, Pennsylvania, as senior pastor and children’s pastor, respectively.

Ron and Anita Morrison thumbnail

Ron and Anita Morrison - Prayer Facilitator

In 1995, Ron planted Hope Alliance Bible Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and continues to serve as senior pastor. He has been on the Board of Directors for 16 years and teaches at Crown College in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota, and Moody Bible Institute in Cleveland. Anita has served as a social worker and educator and speaks frequently at conferences to strengthen women in ministry. The couple will celebrate their 40th anniversary this December.

Rafael Candelaria Acosta thumbnail

Rafael Candelaria Acosta - Seminar Speaker

Rafael is the director of ministry to local church leaders for the Puerto Rico District and served for 23 years at Iglesia ACyM in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. He is also a member of the District Executive Committee. Rafael and his wife, GerryLyn, live in Puerto Rico with their two children.

A Gospel-Centered Church / Una Iglesia Centrada en el Evangelio
Friday, May 31 10:30am–12:00pm
Jen Ashby thumbnail

Jen Ashby - Seminar Speaker

Jen serves as the executive director of ministries at Derwood Alliance Church in Rockville, Maryland. She is also a member of the Mid-Atlantic District Executive Committee and chair of the Committee Relating to Church Ministries for General Council 2019.

Grit and Grace: Leading as a Woman
Friday, May 31 3:45pm–5:00pm
Ken Baldes thumbnail

Ken Baldes - Seminar Speaker

Ken has served as the vice president for Operations/Treasurer of the U.S. C&MA since October 2005. He oversees Finance, Alliance Benefits, Technology, and Operations and Business Services at the C&MA National Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ken is passionate about mobilizing a healthy National Office team in order to serve The Alliance well. He and his wife, Christy, have three children and one granddaughter.

Church Resources to Help Grow Your Budget
Friday, May 31 10:30am–12:00pm
Dan Boal thumbnail

Dan Boal - Seminar Speaker

When he’s not raising five kids with his wife, Amy Jo, Dan serves 38,000 teenagers and 5,000 youth workers as the Alliance Youth ministry consultant. He is also the executive director of the NEXT Generation Ministry Conference and producer of the NEXT Generation Ministry Conference Podcast, which equips thousands of youth workers, children’s workers, and student leaders with effective resources.

Three Strategic Paths for Onboarding the Next Generation into the Local Church
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Harris and Katrina Campbell thumbnail

Harris and Katrina Campbell - Seminar Speaker

Harris and Katrina have served in church and district ministries for over forty years, and in the last several years, they have worked with Alliance Peacemaking in training, conflict coaching, and mediation. They live in West Palm Beach, Florida, near some of their children and grandchildren.

Building a Culture of Peace within Your Church and Missions Team
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
John Corby thumbnail

John Corby - Seminar Speaker

John served overseas with International Ministries for 34 years in Africa and Europe. Currently, he is the director for GLOBAL LINK, the C&MA office that encourages and facilitates stronger connections between U.S. Alliance churches/districts and Alliance international workers. John and his wife, Fran, reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and have 3 children and 11 grandchildren.

Alliance Missions Network
Friday, May 31 10:30am–12:00pm
Tim Crouch thumbnail

Tim Crouch - Seminar Speaker

Tim and his wife, Shelly, served overseas with The Alliance for 19 years as Alliance international workers in Russia and as the regional leadership couple for the North and Central Asia Region. Tim is now vice president for International Ministries, overseeing the worldwide missionary outreach of the U.S. Alliance. Tim and Shelly reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and have four children.

The New Face of Alliance Missions: Embracing and Leveraging Multiple Specializations
Friday, May 31 3:45pm–5:00pm
Tim and Shelly Crouch thumbnail

Tim and Shelly Crouch - Seminar Speaker

Tim and Shelly served overseas with The Alliance for 19 years as Alliance international workers in Russia and as the regional leadership couple for the North and Central Asia Region. Tim is now vice president for International Ministries, overseeing the worldwide missionary outreach of the U.S. Alliance, and Shelly serves a nonprofit committed to poverty alleviation in marginalized communities. Tim and Shelly reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and have four children.

International Worker Speed Meet
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Bill and Melanie D. thumbnail

Bill and Melanie D. - Seminar Speaker

Bill and Melanie served in a marketplace ministries (mm) role for nine years before Bill became the mm director in 2009, overseeing 165 people in 28 countries. Bill holds a doctorate in education and taught business courses at several universities for many years, sharing his faith in proudly atheistic environments. Bill and Melanie have four children and five grandchildren.

Redemption Stories from the World’s Marketplaces
Friday, May 31 3:45pm–5:00pm
Steve Elliott thumbnail

Steve Elliott - Seminar Speaker

Steve has spent the past 38 years preaching and leading churches into the future. He and his wife, Marilyn, have served three Alliance churches in a “turnaround ministry,” bringing renewal, growth, and health to churches in difficulty and decline. Steve recently retired as senior pastor of First Alliance Church in Lexington, Kentucky, and is exploring what God has for him next.

Pastoral Work in Uncertain Times
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Gary Friesen thumbnail

Gary Friesen - Seminar Speaker

Gary, Alliance general counsel/assistant corporate secretary, graduated from George Fox University and Willamette University College of Law. While attending Salem (Oregon) Alliance Church, he developed an innovative, church-based reconciliation ministry. Gary served with Peacemaker Ministries for 18 years before joining the Alliance team in 2013. He loves to teach and consults with Christian leaders around the world. Gary and his wife, Laurel, live in Colorado Springs and have four children.

Legal and Culture Developments that Impact Your Church
Friday, May 31 3:45pm–5:00pm
When Church Is No Longer Safe
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Sally Fry thumbnail

Sally Fry - Seminar Speaker

Sally serves as a ministry specialist in the Northeastern District (NED), focusing on leadership development of women in ministry, educational programs, human resources/candidate development, and business management. Before joining the NED team, she worked in higher education for over two decades in Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia in student development and as an adjunct faculty member.

Women in Ministry: Strengthening Your Leadership Voice
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Katlyn Giberson thumbnail

Katlyn Giberson - Seminar Speaker

Katlyn is passionate about members of the next generation and their place in the Church. Her role as the Alliance Youth coordinator allows her to support churches and youth workers, equipping students to be integral, contributing members of their local churches as well as the worldwide Church. She enjoys photography, writing, and other creative pursuits.

Women in Ministry: Strengthening Your Leadership Voice
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Matt Hannan thumbnail

Matt Hannan - Seminar Speaker

Matt is the senior pastor at New Heights Church in Portland, Oregon, a multi-site congregation whose mission is to “make more and better disciples of Jesus” by bringing help, hope, and home to a hurting world through Him.

Church Ministries — EquippingU Pre-Council
Tuesday, May 28 8:30am–11:30am
Brian Kluth thumbnail

Brian Kluth - Seminar Speaker

Brian is one of the world’s leading Christian speakers and writers on generosity and has served in the financial sector of the evangelical community for more than 35 years as a senior pastor, missionary, and CEO of a nationwide stewardship ministry. In March 2016, The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) named Brian the director of its new multi-year initiative addressing economic challenges facing pastors.

Best Practices to Improve the Financial Health of Your Congregation, Church Leaders, and Pastor’s Family
Friday, May 31 3:45pm–5:00pm
Melissa MacDonald thumbnail

Melissa MacDonald - Seminar Speaker

Passionate about the church and kids, Melissa travels extensively speaking, training, coaching, and consulting. She’s the author of Missing: An Urgent Call for the Church to Rescue Kids and currently serves The Alliance as the national Children’s Disciplemaking consultant. With a fresh and unique perspective, Melissa boldly calls the local church to be the Church.

Lifelong Discipleship
Friday, May 31 3:45pm–5:00pm
Women in Ministry: Strengthening Your Leadership Voice
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Joel Malick thumbnail

Joel Malick - Seminar Speaker

Joel graduated with a degree in finance from Seattle Pacific University and has spent the last 17 years in the financial services industry, working to make a difference in people’s lives. He serves as a consultant to the C&MA Retirement Plan. Joel, along with his colleagues Tim Watson and Jim Frederick, is passionate about helping people make good financial decisions.

A Look BEYOND the Traditional Retirement Mindset
Friday, May 31 10:30am–12:00pm
Lawrence L. (Larry) McCooey thumbnail

Lawrence L. (Larry) McCooey - Seminar Speaker

Larry is president of Orchard Alliance, a merger of The Alliance Development Fund, Inc. (ADF) and The Orchard Foundation. Larry was previously president of both organizations. Prior to serving in these roles, he was the vice president for finance and treasurer of The Alliance. Larry and Kathleen, his wife of more than 40 years, live in Colorado Springs.

Biblical Stewardship—Beyond the Norm
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Lisa Meiners thumbnail

Lisa Meiners - Seminar Speaker

Lisa grew up in Lima, Ohio, and studied elementary education at Nyack College in New York. She is an author, speaker, and founder of Deeper Still Ministries. She currently resides in Dayton, Ohio, with her husband, Dennis, and their three children. Lisa loves to spend time with her family—taking walks, laughing, talking about books, and occasionally baking her world-famous oatmeal, chocolate-chip cookies.

When Discipleship Is Beyond Me
Friday, May 31 3:45pm–5:00pm
Cheryl Phenicie thumbnail

Cheryl Phenicie - Seminar Speaker

Cheryl is a third-generation international worker who served with her husband, Darrell, for 35 years in several Middle Eastern countries, North Africa, and most recently in Germany, ministering to Syrian refugees. Cheryl is passionate about women’s ministry, especially when she can engage her gifts of hospitality and relationship-building.

Moving Beyond Fear and Comfort in Ministry
Friday, May 31 10:30am–12:00pm
Mike and Lisa Plunket thumbnail

Mike and Lisa Plunket - Seminar Speaker

Mike and Lisa have been leading Risen King Alliance Church together since 2004.  Mike is the lead pastor and also serves as an adjunct professor for the Pastoral Ministries Department at Nyack College. Lisa is the pastor of spiritual life and is responsible for growth groups, pastoral care, and leadership development. Together, Mike and Lisa have organized, helped start, and pastored five churches in Mexico City, Mexico, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Breakthrough Prayer for Your Church and Family
Friday, May 31 10:30am–12:00pm
Thom S. Rainer thumbnail

Thom S. Rainer - Seminar Speaker

Thom is president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources. He has authored more than two dozen books, including I Am a Church Member, which was No.1 on the Christian Business Association’s bestseller list for several months. His most recent book, Scrappy Church: God’s Not Done Yet, was released in October 2018 by B&H Publishing Group. Read his blog posts at ThomRainer.com and listen to his podcast, Rainer on Leadership—one of the highest-rated Christian leadership podcasts online today. Thom resides in Nashville with his wife, Nellie Jo. They have 3 sons and 10 grandchildren

Church Ministries — EquippingU Pre-Council
Tuesday, May 28 8:30am–11:30am
Jen Schepens thumbnail

Jen Schepens - Seminar Speaker

Jen serves as the director for Envision, overseeing 23 Envision sites around the world and in the United States that create innovative spaces for developing leaders. She received her MDiv from Alliance Theological Seminary and is passionate about using her business and seminary background, paired with her own story of God’s redemptive work, to develop both the souls and skills of young leaders.

Re-Envisioning Short-Term Missions
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Matthew Sleeth thumbnail

Matthew Sleeth - Seminar Speaker

Recognized by Newsweek as one of the nation’s most influential Christian leaders, Matthew is the executive director of Blessed Earth and author of numerous books and articles, including Reforesting Faith: What Trees Teach Us About the Nature of God and His Love for Us, to be released in April 2019. He and Nancy, his wife of nearly 40 years, are members of First Alliance Church in Lexington, Kentucky.

Reforesting Faith: What Trees Teach Us About the Nature of God and His Love for Us
Friday, May 31 3:45pm–5:00pm
Living 24/6 in a 24/7 World
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Heather Smith thumbnail

Heather Smith - Seminar Speaker

Heather and her family recently relocated to Lexington, Kentucky, where her husband, Paul, is the lead pastor of First Alliance Church. Prior to their current pastorate, the couple served at CrossPoint Alliance Church in Lewiston, Idaho, for almost 19 years. Heather is passionate about impacting women toward gospel living and loves ministry environments where women gather to worship God, listen to Him, and live on mission for the Kingdom.

For Pastors’ Wives Only: A Transparent Look at Being Married to a Pastor
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Ruth Smith thumbnail

Ruth Smith - Seminar Speaker

Ruth and her husband, Terry, have served together in Alliance churches and district offices in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania since 1981. Through the years, Ruth has served in women’s ministries, church nurseries, and as an administrative assistant. Ruth and Terry currently reside in Colorado Springs, where Terry serves as the vice president for Church Ministries. They have two sons and four grandchildren.

For Pastors’ Wives Only: A Transparent Look at Being Married to a Pastor
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Rick Stein thumbnail

Rick Stein - Seminar Speaker

Rick was an attorney for 39 years in private practice and has done Christian mediation work for 23 years. In 2015, he became the Alliance National Office consultant for Alliance Peacemaking. He and his wife, Clover, live in Salem, Oregon, and have four children and seven grandchildren.

Building a Culture of Peace within Your Church and Missions Team
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Rich Todd thumbnail

Rich Todd - Seminar Speaker

Rich serves as the Envision international site developer, helping to form healthy ministries, teams, and leaders. Rich and his wife, Kristi, served as Envision site coordinators in Russia for three and a half years before joining the National Office team.

Re-Envisioning Short-Term Missions
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Jen Vogel thumbnail

Jen Vogel - Seminar Speaker

Jen has served in a variety of leadership positions and is the national director of Great Commission Women. She and her husband, Doug, have served many years together as ministry volunteers. They have two boys and are currently involved in children’s ministry at Dover Avenue Alliance Church in Orange City, Iowa.

Beyond Today
Saturday, June 1 9:30am–11:30am
Women in Ministry: Strengthening Your Leadership Voice
Saturday, June 1 1:30pm–3:00pm
Ron Walborn thumbnail

Ron Walborn - Seminar Speaker

Ron received his DMin from Fuller Theological Seminary and is the vice president and dean of Alliance Theological Seminary and Nyack College. Ron also serves on the Board of Directors for The Alliance and was recently reelected for another four-year term. He has pastored churches in Connecticut and California and authored one book and numerous articles and chapters for other publications. Ron and his wife, Wanda, have four children and three grandchildren.

Spiritual Gifts: Tools for Building the Kingdom
Friday, May 31 10:30am–12:00pm