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In 1929 Alliance missionaries penetrated the back country of Côte d’Ivoire and made contact with the unevangelized Baoule tribe. More than 75 years later, a crowd of 8,000 worshippers gathered in the city of Bouaké for the closing worship service of the Alliance national church convention. During the previous evening, an offering of more than $2,000 was received to send the church’s first international missionaries. Thanks to U.S. believers who gave to the Alliance Great Commission Ministries, that gift was matched, and it helped send an Ivorian missionary couple to Togo.

The Alliance in Africa is continually equipping pastors to shepherd the growing congregations. Until 1992, African pastors had to go to Europe or North America for top-level seminary training. The cost of travel and accommodations prevented many from obtaining the education they desperately sought.

To meet this need, the Alliance churches of Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Gabon, and Burkina Faso created the West Africa Alliance Seminary (in French, la Faculté de Théologie Evangélique de l’Alliance Chrétienne, or FATEAC) in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, an institution of higher theological education.

FATEAC’s vision is “to contribute to the blossoming of an authentic Christianity in contemporary Africa by providing a strong biblical and theological education in view of the diversity of evangelical ministries and taking into account the African realities.”

In addition to students from The Alliance, FATEAC welcomes those of other evangelical denominations. Today, FATEAC includes nearly 70 students from more than twelve denominations and from 15 nationalities.

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National Church

Evangelical Protestant Church (C&MA) of Côte d’Ivoire: 1,584 organized churches, 771 unorganized groups, 153 ordained ministers, 282,791 baptized members, and 356,746 inclusive members

Team Initiatives

  • Train pastors through the West Africa Alliance Theological Seminary in Abidjan and the Bible Institute in Yamoussoukro.
  • Encourage the national church to mobilize its new missions movement.
  • Reach out to Abidjan’s Lebanese community of tens of thousands of people.

International Workers in Côte D'Ivoire

The Alliance at Work in Côte D'Ivoire

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Infant mortality rate—90.8/1,000
Life expectancy—48.6
Capital City
Yamoussoukro, official (185,600) pop.
Abidjan, administrative (4,113,600) pop.
A littler larger than New Mexico, Côte d’Ivoire (124,502 sq. mi.) has a coastal strip in the south, dense forests in the interior, and savannas in the north.
French (official)
African languages
Northern Mandes—3.8%
Southern Mandes—10%
other (includes French and Lebanese)—2.8%
Per capita income—$$1,500
Government/Political Climate
Presidential/parliamentary democracy until 1999, when a coup overthrew the government and installed a military dictatorship. Although Côte d’Ivoire is one of the most prosperous of the tropical West African states, its economic development has been undermined by political unrest and civil war.

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