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In the late 1800s, Mongolia’s first missionaries were nailed to boards, thrown into wells, and force-marched across the Gobi desert. Mongolia became a communist country in 1921, and all Christian workers were expelled. For the next 70 years, Mongolia was isolated from the outside world. By the late 1980s, there were less than 10 known believers.

Sensing open doors to the gospel, The Alliance and its relief arm, Compassion and Mercy Associates, entered Mongolia in 1997 and began community development work. Since then, seven Alliance churches have been started, including one church plant in Ulaanbaatar (UB), the capital, consisting entirely of university students. An Alliance outreach center in UB is poised to reach thousands of students with Jesus’ love. The Grain of Wheat Student Center offers a warm and inviting environment where students can study, take English and vocational classes, and simply hang out.

Alliance workers in Mongolia remain in the pioneering stages of seeing a strong national church established. The most critical need facing the Mongolian church is trained national leaders who can nurture Mongolia’s young congregations, teaching them how to evangelize and disciple their communities.

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National Church

organized church, 1 unorganized group, 99 baptized members, and 330 inclusive members

Team Initiatives

  • Assist the six national C&MA churches in planting churches in unreached areas. The Mongolian national church is still in its infancy; evangelical believers in all of Mongolia number about 21,500.
  • Develop income-generating projects to counteract Mongolia’s unemployment, which is about 44 percent. Believers desperately need meaningful employment to care for their families. Current projects--cross-stitch, quilting, gardening--are the mission’s platform for our presence in Mongolia.
  • Establish a training program where young men and women called by God will be equipped in spiritual formation, ministry skills, and a deep knowledge of Scripture so they can be servant leaders in a young and growing church. The Mongolian church has only a few capable leaders.

International Workers in Mongolia

The Alliance at Work in Mongolia

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Infant mortality rate—53.8/1,000
Life expectancy—64.5
Capital City
Ulaanbaatar (804,200) pop.
Slightly larger than Alaska, Mongolia (604,247 sq. mi.) has grassland and forests in the north, three major mountain ranges, and the Gobi Desert in the east and south. The country is subject to climatic extremes.
other (including Chinese, Russian)—3.4%
Per capita income—$1,900
Literacy rate—99% (2003 est.)
Government/Political Climate
Parliamentary republic. Ruled by Communism until 1990s, elections returned ex-Communist Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party to power in 2000 and produced a coalition government in 2004.
Tibetan Buddhist Lamaism—96%
Muslim, Shamanism, Christian—4%

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