Below you will find various openings and ministry opportunities related to service within The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Use the navigation on the right to search according to National Office employment, International openings, District/Church openings, and openings in Related Ministries.

Please note that the positions appearing under District/Church and Related Ministries are supplied by a district office, church, or related ministry and are not employed by the National Office of the C&MA. The positions under International may or may not be employed by the National Office.

Mobilizing Young Adults for Ministry

There are only 250 known believers out of millions of Wolof people.

Providing Gospel Access and Justice to Rural Villages

God is on the move in this region!

CAMA – Empowering Women with Training and Discipleship

Due to extreme poverty, child labor is common in this country. Young women traveling from rural areas to work as domestics in cities are particularly vulnerable.

CAMA – Community Development Worker in the Congo

The successful applicants will join in community development work with an existing Alliance team to reach the Vili, a formerly resistant people group that is now more receptive to the gospel.

Church Planting in a Formerly Unchurched Area

In the mountains of Guinea is a plateau with about 80,000 Fulani people, many of whom have never heard the gospel.

Church Planting Among the Unreached

The successful applicant(s) will participate in pastoral ministries and partner with the local church as it reaches out to surrounding areas with few or no known believers.

Bongolo Hospital Primary-Care Physician

Bongolo Hospital is a 158-bed hospital in a remote area of southern Gabon where more than 40,000 patients are treated annually.

CAMA Urban Ministry and Volunteer Coordinator in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The appointee(s) will assist local churches in implementing ministries to the urban poor and coordinate the visits of short-term teams and volunteers to the DRC.

CAMA Development Worker in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The appointee will be a community development facilitator focusing on efforts to reach the poor who have had little access to the gospel in the lower DRC region.

CAMA Community Development Worker with Focus on Women’s Ministry

Join the community development work of a new CAMA initiative to reach Guinea’s rural poor who have had little access to the gospel, through focusing on women.


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