CAMA – Develop a Holistic, Gospel-Planting Outreach Among a Least Reached People Group

CAMA seeks a couple to build a holistic, contextualized ministry working in partnership with IM and the National Church.

Posted on January 30, 2017

Asia and Pacific

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Position Type

  • CAMA Worker
  • Creative Access Country (CAC)*
  • Partially funded (requested to raise partial support)
  • Ordination not required
  • Couple

God is at work. Anyone with a heart for the lost and fervor to see a fledgling project thrive will find a home here.

Required Qualifications:

  • Clear conversion and call to ministry of gospel demonstration and proclamation
  • A recognized bachelor’s degree
  • Completion of Missions Perspective course
  • Completion of Alliance Polity course
  • Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) score of 40 or higher
  • Deep heart for unreached peoples
  • Ability to work on cross-cultural team

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Cross-cultural training
  • Education and/or experience in community health work
  • Extensive understanding of community development
  • Currently involved in ministry

Biblical Characteristics Desired

  • Ability to articulate personal conversion and call
  • Demonstrated heart for the poor and marginalized
  • Theological alignment with The Alliance
  • Demonstrated flexibility and grace in all aspects of life


  • Live in a majority faith community to regularly demonstrate and proclaim the gospel
  • Support and grow local nutrition-based Moringa business and health initiatives
  • Learn Bahasa Indonesian fluently and Bahasa Minang to a conversational level
  • Promote and advocate for healthy lifestyles for youth and families in the community
  • Network with like-minded organizations working among this people group to determine what literature and media resources are needed
  • Partner with Peace Generation Indonesia to promote peace curriculum
  • Receive and mentor both expatriate and local interns

Timeline for Deployment:

Summer 2020

General Information:

After a devastating earthquake in 2007, the Alliance and the national church rushed to give aid to hundreds of families. There are few believers among the 6.5 million Minang people and few workers remain. The one national church couple remaining desperately needs teammates and support. Indonesia, the world’s largest majority faith nation, is a large archipelago composed of more than 17,500 islands. More than 700 languages are used.

World Factbook—Indonesia

Work and Living Environment:

This medium sized city provides few Western comforts but has beautiful landscapes, unmatchable food, and warm neighbors. The isolation from other expat workers will need to be managed through deep relationships with national teammates and intentional self-care.

*CAC (Creative Access Country) Specific location information related to this ministry description will only be released in later stages of application process.

Status of Christian Witness:

See the Joshua Project Web site

Language Expectations:

Language facility is essential to ministry. The selected applicant/s will receive one year of intense language study followed by ongoing language and cultural acquisition. Dedication to several hours per day to language acquisition will be expected. Continued work to master the language must be a lifelong goal, as this will greatly enhance ministry and the capacity to impact people for Christ.

Health Considerations:

This city has good healthcare facilities, well-trained doctors, and most medications are readily available. Serious health issues are typically handled in the country’s capital or Singapore.

Expectations for Spouse:

Spousal roles vary based on the spouse’s giftings, training, and abilities, as well as the needs of the team. It is expected that both spouses will be meaningfully involved in meeting ministry objectives, depending on the nature of family roles, children, etc.

Children’s Educational Plan and Options:

There are several local schools; homeschooling also is an option. There are some boarding school options in-country or internationally as well.

Compensation Package:

The successful applicant(s) will receive a full compensation package with the expectation that once appointed, efforts will be made to raise a portion of support costs through friends and family, the sending church, or other resources. Information on support costs will be made available upon application. Training and coaching in fundraising is available.

Whole-Life Health:

CAMA Services is the relief and development arm of the C&MA. As part of an evangelical denomination, we are committed to Biblical holism. We are first committed to model holism and then reflect holism in how we carry out our work. Because of this commitment, part of the required qualifications include being healthy in all aspects of life. As you move forward in the consideration process for appointment, these will be assessed.

Important Clarification:

Applicants should be aware that serving in the international world often requires a higher degree of grace and flexibility. For example, overseas teams can be suddenly and unexpectedly impacted by illness, government decisions, financial realities, team changes, or other factors beyond the team’s control. The challenge for applicants is that these factors can sometimes necessitate the sudden redefining of a position, which may take place before, during, or after the application/interview process has begun or is completed.


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