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Come join a team in an urban environment where you will be developed and encouraged while pursuing Kingdom impact in a closed country.

Posted on December 29, 2017

Europe/Middle East

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Come join a team in an urban environment where you will be developed and encouraged while pursuing Kingdom impact in a closed country. Our aim is to give people more opportunities to  encounter Christ. We have an established presence that will provide countless ways to use your gifts, skills, interests, and passions to naturally connect with people and share Christ. We believe in holistic ministry, finding ways to bless and serve our community, including refugees and other disadvantaged peoples. Our ultimate goal is to allow people to experience Christ in all we do and to see the Kingdom take root in our city and spread.

Required Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated proficiency in a vocational pursuit
  • Completion of Alliance Polity course
  • Completion of the World Perspectives Mission Course or equivalent
  • A minimum Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) score of 80
  • Basic cross-cultural ministry experience (US or International)
  • Demonstrated ministry involvement in a local church

Biblical Characteristics Desired:

  • Christ-centered character
  • Spirit-empowered ministry
  • Spiritual leadership
  • Healthy living
  • Biblical alignment
  • Passion and calling for providing opportunities for unreached people to meet Christ
  • Spiritually mature and able to feed oneself spiritually
  • Desire to serve and bless people in the community
  • Sufficiently flexible and adaptable to work cross-culturally
  • Committed to learning and personal growth 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Adaptability
  • Interpersonal skills


  • Learn the local language to a proficient level and adjust to local culture
  • Engage in the community through our center
  • Live out life and ministry ina team context
  • Authentically live out faith and share the gospel in word and action
  • Disciple new believers and develop communities of faith

 Timeline for Deployment:

Late summer 2020. All appointees are required to attend a cross-cultural and language acquisition program and Pre-Field Orientation prior to deploying.

General Information:

In our Middle Eastern country, 96 percent of the population adheres to the majority religion and less than .03 percent are evangelical. Although the country is welcoming to all faiths, proselytizing is both feared and forbidden. The country is resisting the infiltration of religious extremists from multiple border countries and some voices of moderation are being heard. The economic pressure on average citizens is increasing significantly in this  country in which 1 in every 14 people are refugees. There are deserts, mountains, and major bodies of water all within the borders of this relatively small nation.

Work and Living Environment:

It’s important to know that our environment primarily reflects the traditions of the majority religion. However, there is a historic Christian presence which we value deeply and as opportunities arise, we partner with these local Christians to reach the lost. Additionally, work in a creative-access context necessitates a long-term perspective. Our team is committed to taking a longer-term view of what it will take to see the Kingdom take root in our city; we welcome people who share this commitment.

Status of Christian Witness:

This country  predominantly follows the majority religion, and open sharing of one’s faith must be done with caution as it is against the law. Conversion from the majority religion to Christianity is also illegal. Still, religion is a consistent topic and opportunities to authentically share one’s faith in word and deed, within relationships, are common.

Language Expectations:

Language is an essential part of ministry. International workers receive two years of intensive language and cultural study. While two years will give a foundation, learning the language will be a lifelong goal, as it will greatly enhance the ministry and work of the team. The goal will be to speak, read, and write the language at a functional level in order to mentor, teach, and train others.

Health Considerations:

This nation has great, affordable health and dental care. Medical facilities are  exceptional, there are well-trained doctors, and most medications are available.

Expectations for Spouse:

Spousal roles vary based on the spouse’s gifts, training, and abilities, as well as the needs of the team. It is expected that both spouses will be meaningfully involved in meeting ministry objectives, depending on the nature of family roles, children, etc. It is expected that the spouse will share in calling, ministry qualifications, and engage with many of the responsibilities listed above.

Children’s Educational Plan and Options:

A plethora of quality schooling options are available, both in the local language and in  English.


This position is designated to be funded through the Great Commission Fund (GCF). We offer compensation for this position, covering costs related to a monthly living allowance, housing, travel, children’s education, and full benefits. Please visit our compensation page for details on how U.S. Alliance international workers are supported. GCF-funded workers share responsibility for raising GCF dollars through Alliance churches and other sources.

Whole-Life Health:

The C&MA is an evangelical denomination committed to planting churches both in the United States and internationally. Due to the nature of this ministry opportunity, part of the required qualifications include optimal emotional, spiritual, and physical health. This will be assessed as you move forward in the application process.

Important Clarification:

Applicants should be aware that serving in the international world often requires a higher degree of grace and flexibility. For example, overseas teams can be suddenly and unexpectedly impacted by illness, government decisions, financial realities, team changes, or other factors beyond the team’s control. The challenge for applicants is that these factors can sometimes necessitate the sudden redefining of a position, which may take place before, during, or after the application/interview process has begun or is completed.


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