Instructional Design Technologist

The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) is seeking an experienced Instructional Design Technologist.

Posted on July 24, 2020

Employment National Office

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Position Type

  • Full-time
  • Onsite in Colorado Springs

The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) is seeking an experienced Instructional Design Technologist. This is a full-time position located at the National Office in Colorado Springs. This position is under the direction of the director for Ministry Studies and is responsible for overseeing, designing, developing, documenting, testing, and  modifying the online learning CMAllianceU website. In the performance of these duties, this position will support the overall mission of the C&MA as described below.


  • 3–5 years of experience in a similar position required
  • 2–4 years of experience in a related position with the C&MA preferred
  • Four-year college degree in related field preferred


Instructional Design

  • Monitors and administers the learning management portal for proper operation and linkages to back-end organizational systems
  • Creates and maintains all new and existing cohorts, courses, and programs as requested by the director or as required by established policies
  • Assists evaluators with instructional learning and course develop when needed

Site Development

  • Oversees website for proper functionality
  • Writes, fixes, and adjusts code to maintain a professional platform
  • Assigns credentials and maps roles for higher level users including course developers, program administrators, coaches, and district staff
  • Coordinates with the administrators of the programs and courses hosted by CMAllianceU
  • Troubleshoots and monitors the evaluator’s/instructor’s progress in each course
  • Provides troubleshooting (help desk function) for system users and escalates high-level issues to IT

Site Support and Team Support

  • Consults with users to determine hardware, software, or system functionality for issues related to CMAllianceU
  • Provides troubleshooting (help desk function) for students and all other system users and escalates high-level issues to IT
  • Compiles data and prepares quarterly statistical reports as requested
  • Provides assistance to CM and Alliance district staff for online education, training, and leadership development

The C&MA is an evangelical denomination committed to planting churches both in the United States and internationally. The C&MA is committed to world missions, stressing the fullness of Christ in personal experience, building the Church, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. The ultimate goal of all programs, functions, and activities undertaken by the C&MA is to further the foregoing purposes and to give spiritual and organizational support to all general members of the C&MA, so that they are free to preach the gospel, to plant churches, and to hasten the return of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Because of the C&MA’s primary and exclusive Christian and religious purposes, the C&MA will employ only individuals who:

Profess a personal belief in Jesus Christ as personal Savior; and

Accept and live in accordance with the C&MA Statement of Faith; and

Are an active member in a local evangelical Christian church; and

Accept and abide by the Policy on Alcohol and Marijuana Use; and

Accept and abide by the Statement on Sexuality

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