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Since ancient times, oral societies have passed along important ideas without writing it down. An estimated 4.35 billion people in the world today are oral learners.

As a people-group, oral learners rely on the spoken word (including its sung and chanted forms) to transfer the vital themes of life from one generation to the next. Unfortunately, most missions work has been done for a literate audience leaving the vast majority of the world unable to connect with the Gospel.

Toccoa Falls College has produced this helpful video describing “the what and why” of orality training as a strategy for reaching literate and illiterate people the world over.

Tips for getting started with stories

Take some time to familiarize yourself with practical tips and suggestions as you enter this vital ministry to one of the greatest unreached people groups of this world.

  • Ways to Use Stories Download
  • Ways to Learn Stories in Story Fellowship Groups Download
  • Suggested Template for a Storying Session Download
  • Practical Tips on Putting a Story to Heart Download
  • Brief & Simple Oral / Print Learner Assessment Tool Download

Alliance Orality Blog Entries

The Christian & Missionary Alliance is utilizing the “heart story” method of sharing the gospel to reach oral societies all over the world. Read the following blog posts as we share stories of how “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” (Romans 10:17 ESV)

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Stories of Oral Learners

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    “About 200 refugees have been resettled in our community so far. We now welcome new families once a month and walk alongside them as friends and guides through this difficult journey.”

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    “Natalia’s most humorous misunderstanding was thinking that Aaron used a watermelon to accomplish the ‘magic’ instead of a staff.”

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    Through answered prayers and orality, Flora, a Kosovar woman, gained boldness in her faith.

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    “I didn’t believe He had the power to do anything, but this story reminded me that God is King.”

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