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Alliance Redwoods Cares for Firefighters in Kincade Fire

Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds provides food, shelter, and care to first responders who are fighting the Kincade Fire in Sonoma County, California.

Syrian Alliance Churches Threatened by Turkish Invasion

Alliance church leaders in Syria prepare to care for their congregations as the Turkish invasion continues.

Choosing the Better Path

A Bible school student shares how he was drawn to take the Jesus road.  

Long Road Ahead in the Bahamas

CAMA and The Alliance Southeast partner to rebuild the shattered lives of people in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

Bless Your Pastor

Don’t miss the opportunity to express your appreciation to those who shepherd you!

CAMA Services Responds to Devastation from Hurricane Dorian

The Alliance sets its sights on helping the Bahamas.

Missionary Wheels

Spring Grove C&MA Church in Pennsylvania acts on faith to provide vehicles for international workers to use while on home assignment. They look to grow the program through other U.S. C&MA churches.

Latter Rains for a Spiritual Desert

Two men were willing to go to drastic lengths in order to learn about the hope and love of Christ.

Thank You Alliance Family

Wow! Because of the Lord’s gracious provision and the generosity of the U.S. Alliance family, we have ended our fiscal year “in the black”—and have received the largest Great Commission Day Offering to date—more than DOUBLE last year’s!

Flat Tire Reveals God’s Plan

Stranded in an isolated place, a Christian family sees God’s faithfulness.

That’s What I Want to Do!

A teenage refugee is inspired to take the gospel back to the Congo, his homeland—where founder A. B. Simpson sent the first Alliance missionaries in 1884.

Miracle Worker

Arriving home from the airport, an Alliance worker realized he left his bag and passport on the plane.

Liberty for the Captives

“I pretty much lived for drugs. If I had $10 to my name and hadn’t eaten in a week, I would still spend it on drugs. I should have been dead,” Sean says.

Update on Dayton, Ohio, Tornado Relief Efforts

Alliance churches in the area are radiating the love and compassion of Jesus in meaningful and tangible ways.

Dr. Timothy Meier, ATS Alumnus of the Year for Service to the Kingdom of God

Development Vice President Tim Meier receives ATS Alumnus of the Year Award.