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Gaudi Basilica Door carvingTerror in Barcelona

An Alliance worker couple reflects on what it means to be safe following a recent terrorist attack in their host city.

King of Heaven, Come

The Holy Spirit uses hospitality to allow the people in our community to encounter God’s presence.

Hospital Outreach Jumpstarts New Village Church

A medical outreach to a formerly resistant village in West Africa resulted in many villagers coming to Christ and hope for a future church.

A Special Name

When our baby, Shiloh, was born, she opened doors for evangelism in our community.

The Church Must Stand

It’s the Church that must continue to lead our world with Christ’s message of hope and reconciliation.

Being Salt and Light

An Alliance worker was given the opportunity to share his faith in an English class.

Priceless Faith

Because of the discipleship of an older Thai woman, a boy has come to faith in Christ and begun softening his grandparents’ hearts toward the gospel.

Every Step of the Way

A Crown College alum’s incredible journey fleeing a Sudanese civil war to starting medical school

A String of Good Days

Surrendering our plans to God is a terrific and wise move.

Alliance Churches Receive $1 Million in Loan Interest Rebates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Thanks to the generosity of the Alliance Development Fund (ADF), approximately 470 Alliance churches and […]

Father’s Day 2017

Today, thousands of refugee children have either lost their fathers or live separated from them due to war.

Alliance Council 2017: Sunday

Kelvin Walker lead the Alliance Family in a glorious call to Pentecost living. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you”

Alliance Council 2017: Saturday

Praise, Prayer, Prodigals, and Proclamations

Alliance Council 2017: Friday

“The biggest fear I have every day as a pastor is becoming more of a ministry machine and less like Jesus.” -Mark Ashton

2017 Ballot Election Results

Following are the results of elections for the President, the Board of Directors, corporate vice president, and corporate secretary held during the Council Business Session, Friday, June 2.