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God’s Power Displayed During Student Outreach

Deliverance from spiritual bondage and scores of decisions to follow Christ mark outreach in West Africa.  

Virus cells in the bodyAn Ancient Response to a Modern Virus

Christ’s example prompts us to look beyond ourselves to those more vulnerable.

52 people patiently lined up to be baptized52 Baptized on Christmas Day!

A recap of Christmas events reveals how God is moving in the former Killing Fields of northwestern Cambodia.

woman holding flower in front of a skylineA Tribute to Henrietta

“The land of your slavery is now the land of my freedom.”

Christmas Outreach StudentsHundreds of Thai Teens Hear the Gospel During Christmas Outreach

Despite several obstacles—including a flat tire en route to the school and sound system malfunction—all 850 students heard a powerful gospel presentation.

Updated: Strong Earthquake Strikes Puerto Rico

The southern part of the island suffered significant damage.

February 23 is Church Planting Sunday!

The Alliance plants churches because Jesus wants to make Himself known to those who need Him most—the lost, hurting, and overlooked.

Stories You May Have Missed in 2019

A sampling of stories from 2019 demonstrating God at work through The Alliance.

A Little Farther

There are times in your life and mine when one step more, one hour more, one heartthrob more will cross the line and bring you into some glorious inheritance of power and blessing.

The Hope

Part Four of “Can You Hear the Melody?”

The Joy

Part Three of “Can You Hear the Melody?”

It Happened On His Way to School

An island in turmoil sees glimpses of peace.

Silent Night

“Silence” often means God is quietly working behind the scenes to accomplish His divine purposes.

The Announcement

Part Two of “Can You Hear the Melody?”

The Promise

Part One of “Can You Hear the Melody?”