The Reason Why

Alliance worker Jim Derksen and his wife, Becky, have been in France for language study in preparation for moving to Guinea. Jim has been meeting with Henri,* a Frenchman, to exchange English practice for French practice. The second time Henri and Jim met, Henri asked Jim if he had brought a sermon along so Henri could help with pronunciation. “When I told him I hadn’t brought one, he was very disappointed,” says Jim. “He insisted that the next time I bring a sermon because he was interested in hearing the contents.”  
Henri had been to a couple of services at Toulouse International Church, an Alliance international church in France, and had found the sermons very appealing. “The next time we met he asked why Toulouse International Church was so friendly,” says Jim. “He had attended another church for a year and no one had greeted him, but at the Alliance church he had met three people the first week.”  
The next time they met, Jim brought a sermon on the biblical background of the Lord’s Supper that explained that Jesus had died on the cross in our place to bear our sin for us. After they discussed the sermon, Jim asked Henri what he thought. “That’s the first time I understood why Jesus died!” Henri exclaimed.  
“It’s exciting to see God working in Henri’s life!” Jim says. “Please pray for him and that the Lord would give me wisdom as I continue to meet with him.” 
*name changed


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