A Winning Recipe

By an Alliance worker in Taiwan 
Several years ago when I approached the local kindergarten principal to ask if I could give out home-baked Easter cookies to all the teachers and students, I got a surprising answer: I would be welcome to visit each of the four kindergarten classes and explain the meaning of Good Friday and Easter. That was a bit more than I had expected, but I agreed after recovering from the momentary shock. 
Later, the principal decided to call a special assembly of the entire kindergarten for my presentation. What had started out as a low-key offer to deliver plates of cookies was turning out to be a full-scale Easter program! I recruited a neighbor to play guitar and began preparing a song about Christ’s Resurrection. 
The program was a smashing success, and everyone enjoyed the goodies—heart-shaped cookies to tell of God’s love, cross-shaped ones to share about Jesus’ death, and Resurrection rolls that were empty inside to represent the truth that He had risen. Afterwards, one teacher approached me and said, “I have hard of Easter before, but I couldn’t make any sense out of it. Now I’m really beginning to understand!”  
At the end of the assembly, the teachers wanted the kids to show their appreciation to me for the program and the treats. So the teachers asked, “Now children, when you eat these cookies, who are you going to remember?” The teachers were priming the children to shout out my name. Instead, to the teachers’ surprise, the kids all shouted out, “JESUS!”  
I couldn’t have asked for a better answer.


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