Sixty New Believers Baptized in Cambodia

Sixty new believers recently received baptism through the Alliance church in Cambodia. While most everyone else in town was at the temple trying to appease the spirits of the dead, Alliance church members were having a party, celebrating the gift of new and everlasting life with the Son of God!
     Down into the water, holding hands, went gentle Mr. Soeung (the 60-something-year-old night guard for the CAMA Training Center—CTC) and his partially blind wife. They love the Lord Jesus with all their hearts. 
     One young man who was operated on in the CTC—and who became a believer a couple weeks ago—chose to be baptized. Twenty-some new believers from Malaay were baptized—a school principal, teachers, a midwife, students, farmers, grannies and children alike. Four Alliance churches participated in the event. An older man who had his leg blown off by a mine struggled out into the water with his wife. They were baptized together. 
     With zest the believers sang, “I have decided to follow Jesus”! Testimonies were given, Christ was honored, a feast was made, and the community of faith expanded.


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