Another 2 A.M. Phone Call

by Police Chaplain Paul Northcut

two-am-call1As I rolled over to answer the ringing phone, I noted the time, 2 a.m. Sitting up on the edge of the bed, I said, “Hello.” On the other end was a police officer from Dover, Arkansas. He was out with a very distressed man who needed someone to talk to and asked if I would speak to the man on the phone.

I went into another room so that my wife could go back to sleep. The man told me he felt like everything in his life was going wrong. Among other things his marriage had fallen apart and he had a 17 year-old daughter doing drugs. He felt helpless.

He told me he was a Christian and which church he belonged to. I tried to be encouraging and a comfort for him. I reminded him of some of God’s promises and then we prayed together. Lastly, I encouraged him to speak with his pastor. It is interesting, and also sad, how many people don’t talk to their pastor about what’s really going on in their lives.

I’m glad that officer knew where to turn to find help for this man. I’m glad the Holy Spirit gave me the words that needed to be said. I’m glad the Lord has called me to be His servant to a hurting world. I’m glad there are people who support us in this ministry so that folks can see the love and grace of the Lord at 2 a.m.


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