Chaplains on the Front Lines

chap-front-linesAlliance chaplains serve on U.S. military installations around the world, on ships at sea, and with military forces deployed worldwide. Duties include conducting worship services on base and in the field. The following is a list of Alliance military chaplains who have served on the front lines:


  • Army Chaplain Steve Moser; Army Chaplain Doug Prentice served two tours
  • Commander Chuck Anderson was deployed with his Marines


  • Army Chaplains Aaron White, Kevin Pies and Fred Townsend
  • Commander Val Jensen, (Navy Chaplain) has served twice with the Marines
  • Army Chaplain Erik Gramling has served in Iraq and Kuwait

Army Chaplain David Bowlus has deployed with his Ranger Battalion and Ranger Regiment numerous times to many regions in the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Middle East and Persian Gulf

  • U. S. Navy Chaplain Jeff Milne has deployed with the Navy to the Persian Gulf and with the Marines to the Middle East
  • National Guard Chaplains Jesse Hall and Shelby Grant are deploying with their units to the Middle East
  • Other Alliance Chaplains have been deployed with their National Guard and Reserve units as well, including Rich Bower, Pierre Allegre, Jeff Wheeland and Jeff Taylor

Chaplain Aaron White recalls a non-Alliance military chaplain who served with him in Afghanistan, saying: “Nurture the living, care for the wounded, honor the dead. This is what we are called to do everyday.”

┬áBob Collins, retired Army chaplain and director for Alliance Chaplain Ministries, agrees: “Pray for our chaplains. They are missionaries to a different culture, preaching the gospel in areas where no pastor or missionary can go. Their appointments are made by God!”


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