Violence Erupts in Guinea

Current Update on Guinea Situation: Reports from Conakry indicate that a faction of the Guinean military has taken control of the airport and half of the capital.

The capital of Guinea is on a narrow peninsula extending into the Atlantic Ocean with the downtown business district and the presidential palace located at the end of this peninsula. Reports today, Thursday, indicate that the Red Berets, the special presidential guard, have set up barricades and military points of defense at the narrowest part of the pennisula, which is only several hundred meters wide. Citizens and businessmen have evacuated the downtown district. The faction is moving toward a conflict with the Red Berets.

Update #1: Alliance workers in Guinea, who currently are attending their annual field forum, report that a possible coup d’etat is taking place in the capital city of Conakry. There have been several days of violence by a faction of the army that seemingly wants to bring about change in the country. Soldiers have captured a number of generals and have taken control of the airport and most of the city. The Alliance mission’s field forum is being held nearly 600 miles from the hostilities, and C&MA missionaries are safe. “We do not know what the future holds,” says one worker, “But please pray that God will be glorified in the lives of His people here.”


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