Another Day of Trouble in Guinea

By Alliance missionaries 
The morning was quiet, almost as if the neighborhood was deserted. Even the roosters didn’t crow. It didn’t surprise us. Yesterday was another day of trouble in the capital, and it seemed that everyone remained inside, out of sight and out of harm’s way. A few weeks ago the military revolted; now it is the police, joined by customs officials.  
Two days ago, they went on strike. Some of them broke into one of the main police stations, stole the weapons, and took several high officials hostage. Word was they were looking for the minister of security. Yesterday, shootings and small skirmishes took place between the military and police. One incident occurred at about 5 p.m., not a half-mile from our house; the staccato of rifle fire spoke of how serious a turn things were taking. 
It seems that the country is slowly coming apart at the seams. Tomorrow, the long-threatened teachers’ strike is set to start. And how will things fall out? That, only the Lord knows. So we sit, watch, and pray. Thank you for your prayers.


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