Indonesia Flood Hits C&MA Church Members Hard

A flood that crashed through a housing complex in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, caused severe property damage for many Alliance church members in early December. A number of C&MA churches were affected.  
A pastoral family took up residence in the church, going without electricity for six days, until the water in their home receded. Another family moved to the second story of their house and used a rubber raft to navigate the waters when they needed to go out. One Alliance church was flooded, its musical instruments immersed in water. 
The local government traveled by boat to distribute basic supplies to the victims. “At least one of the C&MA churches also passed out food supplies to church members in flooded areas,” said Alliance worker Ann Grinnell. “Many of the people shop daily, so they have few reserves stored up for emergencies.”  
The flood destroyed several houses in its path and dragged any movable objects with it, including cars and motorcycles, according to The Jakarta Post. The flood was the result of a week of almost continuous rain in the city of Samarinda. It lasted around 30 minutes, with no casualties reported.  
Grinnell stated that another severe storm and possible flooding are expected in mid–December. 
“The recent flood was the worst to hit Samarinda since 1998, with major roads still submerged five days after the downpour. As the flood waters have receded, the city has been inundated with rotting garbage,” said Grinnell. “Pray for protection from disease.”


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