Celebrating More than 20 New Believers

“Praise God for the evangelistic services in Dana and Banakoro that one of our team mates was part of this past weekend!” exclaims an Alliance international worker who serves in Burkina Faso.

Although there was no response to the gospel message in Dana, the team trusts that seeds have been planted.

Who Will Teach Me?

“Banakoro was another story however,” she continues. Three people reportedly came forward after the message on the first night—two to ask prayer for healing and one to accept Christ. The next night, a man was waiting for the team members when they arrived to set up.

“He wanted to follow Christ,” the worker adds. “But he wanted to know who was going to come and teach him about continuing in his faith, once he made that commitment. Pastor Fidele [an Alliance minister in Burkina] assured him that he would visit the village weekly to teach him and others who had made a decision.”

No Shame

Before the service, the man gave his heart to Christ; then during the service, right before the pastor invited people to become followers of Jesus, this new believer stood up and said, “Don’t be ashamed to follow Christ! I’ve made this decision!”

“About 20 adults and several kids came forward!” the worker continues. ”We trust that this is only the beginning and we’ll see more fruit as we continue to work in this village. Needless to say, Pastor Fidele is pumped! He can’t wait to begin to disciple this new group of believers!”

What You Can Do

Join the Burkina team in praising God for two more believers in Samorogouan who attended evangelistic services just over a week ago and decided to follow Christ upon further reflection.

Pray that the new believers in Banakoro will grow strong in their faith. Pray also for seeds of faith to take root in the hearts of those who have now heard the gospel message in Dana.


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