A Valentine Love Story

By Steve Clouser, serving in Burkina Faso

 Mr. Traoré joined Debbi’s (Clouser) English class in November at The Family Life Center in the Ouaga 2000 neighborhood. He and his wife, both bankers, were raised in another religion but said they’ve been “looking for something more.”

One night Debbi asked if she could pray for her students at the end of class, as they had been discussing several problems that some of them had. The following class period, Mr. Traoré asked her if she would please pray at the end of every class.

Won By Love

We invited the Traorés to our Christmas outreach dinner. They told us they were very attracted to the families in our cell group because of the love we showed to one another and to them. They said we seemed like a big happy family. We told them we would be starting Sunday morning services on February 1, and they said they would love to join us.

 Though our center has been running only since last summer, we are finding that love in action at Family Life Center is proving to be a magnet in attracting people like the Traorés to Jesus Christ.

 Mr. Traoré attended the service last Sunday at our brand new church (only our second service). He stood up, introduced himself, and explained how he had been attracted to our center and our new church. We are waiting for the opportunity to introduce him to a personal relationship with Christ!

 Regular youth activities have begun, and young people in this neighborhood are anxious to have relationships with us and to hear of Christ’s love.

What you can do…

Pray that Mr. Traore and his wife will know Jesus as their personal Savior. Pray that God will continue to empower the Clousers for His glory!


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