Brazilian Women Meet the Master Painter

In Brazil, 50 university students indicated that they wanted to receive Jesus at an evangelistic “Color Me Beautiful” seminar presented by Alliance missionary Jo Kiel. The event was organized by Mike and Ruth Davis who serve with The Alliance in Sao Paulo.

In this dynamic ministry, Jo demonstrates the use of colors to accentuate outer beauty and introduces women to Jesus, the Master Painter, who can make them beautiful on the inside. “Who better than the Creator to be Lord of your life?” asks Jo, who has interacted with hundreds of women during seminars held at tennis clubs and other venues. Before she accepts an invitation to speak, she asks, “May I talk about God?” The answer is always yes, and doors continue to open into lives previously untouched by the good news.

Not for Women Only

This spring, Ruth and Jo hosted at least seven of these events and spoke to more than 200 people—”and not just women!” says Ruth. “Attendees responded warmly to the message of Christ and His desire to clean up [people’s] lives.” At the university, the seminar was presented to cosmetology students with purple and green hair and “lots of tattoos,” Ruth says. “About 10 percent were guys. We came prepared with 80 packets of our information, which includes the Father’s Love Letter showing God’s attributes.”

A total of more than 100 students attended the two sessions, and the classroom was packed. After the presentation, one young woman approached Jo in tears, saying she needed to hear this message. “Who would have thought we would have such liberty in a secular university?” asks Ruth.

Future Opportunities

God also opened doors to present the seminar in a government office building, in three gated communities, and in a group home for disadvantaged girls. A drawing is held after each presentation, during which Bibles and other Christian books, along with flowers and accessories, are given away. “I loved to see how precious the Bibles with pink covers were to the women who received them,” says Ruth. “Can you imagine doing this in a government building in the United States?”

“We received so many invitations for the future that my head is spinning,” Ruth adds. The women have been asked to conduct the seminar at a beauty salon, a Christian bookstore, and other settings. In addition, the university where the first seminar was held has invited Jo back to hold a workshop.

What You Can Do

Praise God for open doors into the lives of Brazilians through this unconventional ministry approach. Pray that all who heard Christ’s message of inner beauty will fall in love with the Master Painter.


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