A Resounding YES to Jesus!

By Ed and Sue Danneker, serving in Thailand

Editor’s note: Excerpts from one of the Dannekers’ newsletters describe their dynamic church-planting and disciplemaking ministry in Thailand, one of the most devoutly Buddhist nations in the world. People young and old continue to trust Jesus through the prayers of Ed and Sue and their fellow believers.

At one of our Friday prayer meetings, Ed felt burdened to pray specifically for men to be saved. We praise God for all the women God is bringing our way, but we need more men. The very next day, a 27-year-old man named Bank called the church. He said a friend had given him the church’s number to inquire about the Lord.

Peace that Passes Understanding

Bank’s father had been a nominal Christian and never took Bank to church. His mother is Buddhist. His father had passed away two months previously, and the family had a Christian funeral. This was Bank’s first real exposure to Christianity, and he was very impressed with what the pastor shared as well as the music. He felt a peace he could not explain.

Bank arrived at church at 10:30 a.m., when Ed usually teaches an English class. The class had been canceled for the Chinese New Year, so Bank talked with Ed from 10:30 in the morning until our services started at 1:30 pm. Bank wanted to know everything about the Lord. He stayed through our prayer meeting, Sunday school, and worship service. After the worship service, Ed asked Bank if he was ready to accept the Lord. He answered enthusiastically, “YES!” 

Ed had the men gather around and led Bank in a prayer to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. And Bank has really taken off!  He bought a Bible right away and eagerly began reading it. He calls Ed almost every day with more questions about what he is reading.  They have been studying the discipleship materials each week, but Bank has read ahead and calls Ed with questions. 

Contagious Faith

Shortly thereafter, Bank was ready to get rid of his idols. Just amazing! One Sunday in church, he gave testimony of how God has changed his life. In addition, one of Bank’s coworkers instantly noticed the change in him since he became a Christian, and she prayed to receive Christ. Unfortunately, when she told her family members the good news about the Lord, they became furious and forbade her from following the Christian way. Pray that this woman will stay strong in her faith and that her family will soften and allow her to attend church.

What You Can Do

Praise the Lord for Bank’s salvation and evangelistic passion. Pray for him as he continues to grow in his faith. Pray that Bank’s coworker will persevere in following Jesus despite opposition.


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