Paris Church Shows The Way

By Dave and Margot Kennedy, serving in France

Editor’s note: Often referred to as the “missionary graveyard,” France is a postmodern nation where little more than one half of 1 percent of the population professes to be evangelical Christian. Excerpts from the Kennedy’s recent newsletter describe the darkness through which so many French citizens tunnel-and how some are finding in Christ The Way out.

Paris, France, the place to which God has called us, is an exciting, busy city. Most days we descend into the depths of the earth—along with roughly 6 million other people who use the famous, efficient Paris Metro (subway) system that covers more than 131 miles of track—traveling to where life is taking us.

No Exit

By the somber looks on people’s faces in the metro, you know they’re tunneling through much more than the Paris underground. They’re tunneling through the dark, winding maze of life’s heartaches and difficulties—not sure which way to go, wondering when they’ll see the light of day again.

It’s easy to lose your way if you don’t have a map or someone to guide you through life. And for many French citizens, the concept of a personal relationship with Jesus—and the Bible as a map to guide one through life—is foreign. Most don’t want to have anything to do with religion.

Trinity International Church (TIC) is very conscious of the great spiritual needs of people in this city and throughout France. We have asked our church people to make a commitment to pray for at least 15 minutes a day for the people of France during the month of May.

Seekers of “The Way”

A young French woman is trying to read “the map,” which at this time seems like Chinese to her, she says. She is seeking to know more about God. Recently she accepted the invitation to join a new Bible study group that we’ve begun in our home. Please pray that God will open her spiritual eyes to be able to understand biblical truth and that the Holy Spirit will draw her to the Savior.

A young Brazilian woman recently prayed to receive Christ into her life after the worship service. “I never want to go back to the other way I was living—without Jesus,” she says. How thrilled everyone is that she is now walking in “The Way.” Pray for this young woman’s spiritual growth and discipleship.

Some do know Jesus, “The Way,” and look to him to guide them through the trials of life. We are thankful for Silvie. She is still estranged from her husband. . . . she has not seen light at the end of the tunnel, as yet. But with the birth of her precious son, Isaac, a little ray of sunshine has pierced through the darkness to give her great joy.

What a testimony to God’s faithfulness that he was born on Easter Sunday morning! We rejoice with her.

We are so grateful for those in our congregation, who, like Sylvie, stand strong—like sign posts pointing others in the right direction to Jesus, “the Way.”

Learn More

Watch a video about postmodernism in Europe and how Alliance workers are reaching across the great divide.  

What You Can Do

The Kennedys request prayers for the work in France and that “God will work in unusual ways to bring many people to faith in Jesus Christ.” Join them in praising God for the safe arrival of Silvie’s son, Isaac.


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