France: Sprouting Church Plant Harvests New Life

Alliance worker Brad Reynolds wrote in May 2009 about the inauguration of Eglise Protestante Internationale (EPI)-the first new church in Léguevin, France, since the 12th century. God is moving in this new international body of French-speaking believers(the church project address is Harvest Promise Toulouse). The following is an adaptation of two June updates from Brad about the harvest at EPI, French for grain of wheat.

New Believers Baptized

babyThis morning’s baptism service ( June 21) was fantastic. The room was full, with the majority of our church present as well as friends and family. The testimonies were clear. One young man told how the faith of mother, our church’s prayer leader, had influenced him. He now has a deep desire to follow Jesus.

It was in the Toulouse International Church (EPI’s sending church) prayer room that William, 18, came to understand the gravity of the cross, where the faith he had always heard about truly became his.

Daniela told of her search for faith and how she had heard about Jesus during a time of depression and uncertainty. A few years later, a friend led Daniela to commit her heart to Jesus; the following day, a member of our church invited her to the Alpha course, an eleven-week practical introduction to the Christian faith.

During the past two years, she has learned much about the Lord and the family called the Church. In addition, her husband came to faith in Jesus last November through the Alpha course.

The Value of Children

Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10.14).

This morning at our worship service (June 28) we celebrated the families and children with whom God has so generously blessed us. Two of our young families dedicated their little daughters to Jesus, giving us the opportunity to talk about our Savior’s love for children. It was also a day for us to proclaim the gospel to between 80 and 90 adults and children who crowded our little worship space to witness this special commitment.

We heard many stories after the service. One family had come with three little children because they knew that we had recently moved into the area; they were surprised to see so many families with children. Another young university student said that he regularly attends a church in Toulouse, but he had overslept and decided to try out our church, not far from where he lives.

Another couple was surprised to see so many young people. He had attended our first Alpha Course in 2001 and had come to faith in Christ. Now he and his wife attend another church on the other side of Toulouse. 

A Pastor’s Heart 

Please pray for this new congregation to remain faithful in proclaiming Christ. Pray that we will be able to reach other families in our area. May Jesus use us to reach people of all ages and social positions for His honor and glory.

The desire of my heart is best summed up in a quote from Alliance founder A. B. Simpson, “My most important work has usually been to take myself and my shadow out of people’s way and set Jesus fully in their view.”

Learn More

Watch a video of Brad and Tina Reynolds describing their ministry vision for postmodern France. Produced in 2008.

Check out the Reynolds’s Web page.

What You Can Do

The theme verse at EPI is Mark 11:17, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” In your prayers, thank God for William and Daniela who were recently baptized at EPI. Pray that their testimonies, as well as their baptisms, will speak deeply to friends and family.

Pray for the two families who dedicated their children recently. Pray also for the many who visited this new church plant on June 28 for the first time, who Brad hopes “will respond to the words of the Savior and be drawn by His deep love for them.”

Donate to Harvest Promise Toulouse to help purchase the rented building in which EPI is harvesting a fresh crop of sold-out believers.


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