One Amazing Dream

By Tim and Penny Iverson, serving in Taiwan

In the region of Taiwan where we minister, Christians make up 0.1 percent of the population. YuanChang consists of several small villages with a total population of 32,000, yet it has only one small Christian congregation. This is one of the least-reached areas of Taiwan; and working-class people, like the majority of those living in our township, have been the hardest to reach with the gospel. It is a spiritually dark place.

We are seeking to show God’s love in this community through teaching English in the public schools and through The Lighthouse, a coffeehouse ministry. Through our work here, we became friends with Ming-Ming, an elementary school nurse.

Last week, Tim brought our field forum speaker, Rev. Rob Douglas, to visit the school and meet some of our friends there. Ming-Ming shared with them a dream she recently had. She told them that in the dream, she was singing a song in English. When she awoke, she was crying. She hummed a bit of the tune and asked them if they knew the song. It was “Amazing Grace.” 

God used a dream to open the door to share with Ming-Ming the words and significance of that famous hymn we all know so well. Several others were there who also heard the message. Other than being a friend, Ming-Ming hadn’t even been on our “radar” yet, but God pointed out clearly that day where He is at work. 

Recently, Ming-Ming shared that she has an important test related to her nursing license on August 1. She asked us to pray for her and said that if she passes the test, she will begin going to church. 

Please join us in praying for Ming-Ming. Pray that God, in His power and mercy, will demonstrate His love to her by helping her to pass her test. Praythat Ming-Ming will soon receive Christ’s amazing grace. 

Also, pray for a powerful breakthrough in our ministry in YuanChang. Pray especially for men to give their hearts and lives to Christ. Pray for entire families to turn to Him. We recognize that there is nothing we can do without the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us and at work in the people around us. Please ask God to pour out His Spirit.

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What You Can Do

Praise God for His amazing work in drawing Ming-Ming to Himself. Pray that she will recognize Christ’s power to save and that she will respond to His grace.

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