Typhoon Slams East Asia

Taiwan has been inundated with flooding after Typhoon Morakot dumped at least 2 meters (80 inches) of rain on the island last weekend, ruining crops and leaving thousands homeless. Hundreds of people are feared dead across East Asia as water swept away homes and buried villages, according to Times Online.

“All our missionaries our fine,” reports Alliance field director Don Kramer. “Most of our churches were not directly affected by the heavy flooding, but we have three churches close to the most damaged areas. These churches have members who are from five of the worst hit areas. We don’t know if any family members have been lost yet.”

However, Li JinLing, a student intern serving with the C&MA’s Cidu Gospel Center from another denomination, lost eight family members; others are seriously injured, and some are still missing. “Her hometown is the one where it was estimated that 600 people may have been buried,” says Don. “She needs much prayer, as do Alliance workers Soo and Hannah Hwang, [who are ministering to her].” 

The rains caused landslides and impeded rescue efforts. “There were reports of a school being destroyed, and officials said it appeared that about 200 homes had been buried under thousands of tons of mud, rocks, and debris,” Times Online reports. According to The Associated Press, floods and mudslides have killed about 500 people on the island, including more than 300 villagers believed to be buried in the debris of a landslide in the hardest-hit village. As of August 12, rescuers have found nearly 1,000 survivors in the area around three remote villages devastated by the typhoon.

“In Taidung where Taidung Alliance Church and FengRung Alliance Church are located, our churches have joined other churches of the city in efforts to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of these areas,” says Don.

“In Pingdung, the C&MA Enju Church has joined with World Vision and the Chinese Christian Relief Association to minister to affected areas of family members. A general plea has gone out from our church president, Rev. Silas Yang, for donations to World Vision. As churches become more aware of what is going on in Pingdung and Taidung, they may send other help.”

Alliance missionaries in Yunlin County have asked neighbors and local leaders about damage and needs. “We live in an agricultural area of Taiwan, and many, if not most, crops have been totally lost,” says Don. “For some, it will be quite a period of time to be able to sell produce. We believe there will be ongoing needs in our communities and are seeking ways to help. Yunlin County, where our focus is, is the poorest county in Taiwan. We are hoping that the Body of Christ will show the love [that survivors] need.”

“This is the worst flooding seen here in 50 years,” Don adds. “The total loss of life is yet unknown. More bridges were destroyed in this flooding than in the 7.6 earthquake of September 21, 1999.

“Pray that those who need Jesus would see Christ in the lives of believers all over the island in the way we respond to their needs.”

What You Can Do

  • Pray for God’s blessing on rescue efforts and protection for rescue workers.
  • Pray for God’s provision for all those impacted by the typhoon, including working-class people who have been hard hit.
  • Pray for Alliance workers and their national colleagues as they offer spiritual comfort and practical help to survivors.
  • Pray that the Lord will comfort Li JinLing and heal her family members who were injured in the floods.
  • Pray that God will use this tragedy to draw many people to Himself.

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