Learning to Pray

By Dan and Melody Taube, serving in Argentina

Editor’s note: In their ministry through the Buenos Aries Professional Project (BAPP), Dan and Melody Taube are building relationships in hopes of introducing professionals to Jesus. The following is an excerpt from one of the Taubes’ prayer letters.

 “Lord, teach us to pray.” That was a request of Jesus’ followers on one occasion (Luke 11:1). Some of you will remember what it was like learning to pray. I (Dan) don’t. Since prayer was a part of the home in which I grew up, I learned how to do it just as I did many other things like brushing my teeth after eating. I don’t remember “learning” either activity. It is just something I’ve always done.

An Awkward Beginning

I do remember learning to pray in Spanish. At first, I didn’t know the vocabulary. I didn’t know the grammar. I didn’t know how to form questions or how to express deep feelings and desires. I didn’t even know what form of the personal pronoun “you” to use when addressing God. It all seemed so foreign to me. When I prayed in Spanish, God felt so far away—I couldn’t communicate my heart to him. Can you imagine living without praying?

Recently, Melody and I have had two people cross our path who find prayer to be “foreign” to them. It’s awkward. It is something they have never done before. They have to be taught. They don’t know the terminology. They don’t know the grammar, and most of all they don’t know the God to whom we pray!

God at Work

Ricardo* stayed after our Sunday night Bible study to talk about spiritual matters. God is at work in Ricardo’s life. He stated in a matter of fact way that six months ago he wouldn’t have been willing to even participate in such a conversation. In the course of our discussion I asked him, “Have you ever prayed?”

His response left me cold. “I don’t remember ever praying.”

I probed a bit further. “You mean that in a moment when you were afraid or when you found yourself in a difficult situation, you never whispered a prayer to the God who might be there?”

“Yes, that’s right,” he confirmed.

Pray First, Pray Always

Recently, a woman we know telephoned Melody, barely pausing to catch her breath as she unburdened her heavy heart. Melody let Maria* know that she could call anytime and share her concerns and that, more importantly, she could share her burdens with Jesus at any time in prayer (Matthew 11:28-31).

“Now how do I do that?” Maria asked. Melody explained that all she had to do was “talk” to God. Her next question was, “And what should I call Him?”

It is so easy for those of us who grew up praying or who have been praying for many years to take it for granted-so much so, we don’t do it enough. Perhaps some of you feel like you wish you could do more than pray for people like Ricardo and Maria. The fact is, there is NOTHING you can do that is more important!

*Names have been changed.

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Check out our Alliance work in Argentina.

What You Can Do

Pray that those with whom Dan and Melody are building relationships will be drawn to Jesus and receive Him as Savior.

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