Guinea’s Political Instability: A Call to Pray

By an Alliance worker, serving in Guinea

Greetings from Conakry, Guinea! Thank you all for praying for us during these uncertain times.

Alliance Workers Safe

We have sensed God’s provision of safety for each of our families over the past several days here in Guinea. All Alliance international workers are safe, and many are getting back to some aspects of their ministries, for which we praise the Lord.

The situation could change quickly, but we trust the Lord for His will to be done here as we move ahead, one day at a time.

While things have been relatively calm in the capital city of Conakry, meetings continue between Guinea’s government officials and the international community to determine the next steps in resolving current issues of political instability.

Mediation Aiding Process

With help from a neighboring country’s president who is serving as a mediator, the process of resolving the instability is moving forward. We are not sure that a solution is quick to be found, but we are guardedly hopeful that if current leaders are willing to consider the options suggested to them, things could head in the right direction for Guinea.

It is not clear when these talks will be finished. In fact, next week’s meetings will play a big role in the direction Guinea takes in the coming weeks and months.

Please Pray For . . .

  • Guineans who are suffering from direct or indirect results of the violence that took place September 28.
  • The Holy Spirit’s softening of hardened hearts as He seeks to convict these hearts of sin.
  • Openness to the gospel and open expressions of love by believers of all nationalities at this crucial, needy time.
  • Solutions to the current closed schools as parents determine what they need to do to educate their children during this school year.

Finally, praise the Lord for the safety of our international workers. And pray as well as for our field leadership to make wise ministry decisions in determining the course of action in Guinea that is needed in the weeks and months ahead.

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