Exciting Times

By Soeuth and Syna Lao, serving in Cambodia

Editor’s Note: “Before Cambodia fell into communist hands under Pol Pot, the Name of Jesus was hardly ever heard in most of the country,” said Soeuth and Syna Lao, who fled Cambodia as refugees and later returned to their homeland as Alliance missionaries. “Today, you can go to any remote village and just ask for the ‘Jesus People.’ Someone will surely point you in the right direction.” Through their ministry in the city of Poipet, Soeuth and Syna continue to see God’s hand at work.

There have been very exciting times during these past few weeks. Despite extreme heat, more than 140 young people showed up at a monthly youth event held here. Although the meeting was scheduled for 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning, some began to arrive at 7 a.m.

With much anticipation, participants came from near and far. When it was time for worship, they crammed into the spacious living room, and the seating extended all the way to the front porch; everyone was packed in like sardines. After a wonderful time of worship and testimonies, Pastor Albert, a member of a short-term team from New York City, shared a powerful message about the call of Jeremiah. He challenged the youth to think seriously about how to respond to God’s plan for their lives.

A  number of youth and adults have been receiving Christ. One of these new believers, Srey Moum, accepted Jesus as Savior through a relative in America while living in Phnom Penh. For business reasons, she relocated to another city and was desperately searching for a Body of believers with whom to fellowship. Her search led her to the Boeng Beng Church.

 Srey Moum was thrilled to be one of the students in a new discipleship class at the church. She has been on fire for the Lord and is passionately sharing her faith with many of her friends. Every Sunday, she has taken a two-and-a-half hour taxi ride over bumpy roads to fellowship with us in Poipet.

Recently, she began renting the taxi so she can bring her relatives and close friends to church. As a result, three of her daughters, some grandchildren, and several of her friends have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We appreciate your prayers for Srey Moum and many other new disciples to stand firm in their faith.

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Praise the Lord for the passion and enthusiasm of young believers in Cambodia. Pray that they will grow strong in their faith and be a powerful witness to others.

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