Soul Music Rocks Japan

By Don and Hazel Schaeffer, serving in Japan

Editor’s Note: The Tokyo Journal reports that “thousands of Japanese [are] flocking to gospel singing workshops to clap their hands and sing praise to Jesus. According to industry insiders, gospel singing workshops are springing up across the U.S. and Japan in record numbers.” The phenomenon has inspired a new outreach by Kawaguchi Church, an Alliance congregation in Japan.

The congregation we pastor, Kawaguchi Church, is conducting a gospel workshop led by Alliance missionary David Kindervater. African-American gospel music has become very popular in Japan, and we hope to draw new people into the church through this evangelistic effort. In addition, we are praying for contacts to start a new church plant. This outreach will continue again next spring with a new series of workshops. 

Our first session got off to a great start. About 20 people have joined this group, several of them non-Christians. This outreach ran through mid-December, culminating in a concert at our church, a workshop at a new church plant, and a joint concert with other choirs. 

We placed an advertisement for the workshop in 10,000 newspapers. On one side, the flyer gave details about the workshop, and the other side provided information about the church. We have had visitors as a result! 

Thirsty for God

Last Wednesday, a woman called and came to Bible study. Her parents had taken her to studies on Buddhism when she was younger, but she felt like something was wrong. She then went to a Bible study with a friend for two years. 

Now, years later, she feels like God has been pulling at her heart. She listened as we prayed during our study, and she had tears in her eyes when we were finished. She wants to come again. Pray that God will continue to draw this woman to Himself. 

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Check out our Alliance work in Japan.

What You Can Do

Pray that the gospel workshop will have a life-changing impact and that many people will come to faith in Jesus through this outreach.

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